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I have named this cake appropriately because that's what people say when they ask for the recipe. I have an Amish friend named Rosie. She gave me this recipe one day and I didn't believe her at first. I thought she surely forgot an ingredient or two. But, she didn't. This is a moist cake and tasty. No icing is needed so it makes a nice lunchbox dessert.


1 box cake mix, any flavor
3 large eggs beaten
1 can pie filling, any flavor

Directions Step-By-Step

In bowl, dump dry cake mix, eggs and pie filling. Stir together until well mixed. Bake in greased 9x13, 350 degrees for 35 minutes or test with toothpick for doneness.
NOTE: Pair flavors of cake mix and pie filling. Apple filling with maybe butter pecan cake mix. Cherry pie filling with a devil's food cake mix, etc. I enjoy a pineapple cake mix with blueberry filling.
FOR AN EXTRA INCH TO THE HIPS: Chop room temp cream cheese into chunks. Poke the chunks randomly into the batter after pouring it in the baking pan. Make sure the cheese is in deep. Continue to bake. I do this with a strawberry cake mix and strawberry filling and also the blueberry filling.

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Jennie DeMotta Jennie_DeMotta
Jul 19, 2015
I made a drizzle from half a container of chocolate cherry icing and poured some of the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, mixed it together then drizzle it over my cooled bunt cake and decorated with a few of the maraschino cherries. Made this for a church covered dish supper. So easy and delis he's with a nice presentation on a glass cake plate with a glass lid!
William Kiehl Wkiehl101
Jun 26, 2015
Back yet again...

Since my last entry, I have made two more cakes. The first of those was devil's food cake mix with cherry pie filling, which was wonderful. The second was yellow cake with peach pie filling, which was okay but didn't thrill me.
William Kiehl Wkiehl101
Jun 5, 2015
Hello, back again...

I don't remember who it was that tried using a box of spice cake mix and a can of apple pie filling, but I thought that sounded good so I decided to give it a try. I used four large eggs in the process. This time I was pleased with the results. The cake was dense and moist and tasted great. I put cream cheese frosting on it. This is a winning flavor combination for me!
William Kiehl Wkiehl101
May 20, 2015
I tried this using a box of Swiss chocolate cake mix and a can of cherry pie filling. It was okay but for some reason I expected more. Maybe the flavor combination was a miss; I will have to try something else...
Kristi Wilson Kristi8
Apr 25, 2015
Made this for the first time 2 days ago. I mixed it by hand just until blended. It raised BEAUTIFULLY! (I credit part of that to the Betty Crocker Devil's Food mix). I made it in a glass pan, so I wound up having to add some time, about another 15 minutes or so. We sampled it plain, without frosting. We all agreed it needed a little more. We tried it with chocolate, buttercream, vanilla, and finally vanilla with added marischino cherry juice. The cherry juice added vanilla was absolutely the winner! It was a bit thin, but added just a little extra . My husband is STILL raving over how good it was and he even said it was one of the BEST cakes he has ever tasted. (WOW!)

Thanks for this super easy, practically fool proof black forest cake recipe! (my husband says to say THANK YOU as well.)