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    Cathy Fisher Cathy_Fisher - Sep 20, 2014
    I will make this with my favorite cherry jello & do not have to worry about calories nor surgar, love gummi bears. Sounds so tasty, I just need to buy some straws, cheap cooking love it!!!! Thanks
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    Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin - Sep 20, 2014
    I LOV, LOVE, LOVE..... ..This RECIPE!
    How cute...
    You sure do come up with extraordinary recipes!

    A real keeper.
    After I make them for my friends grand children,
    I will save a few..
    My little doggie , she will go bonkers.......LOL
    THank you ...this is sooooo cute!
    Hugs, Nancy......9/20/14
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    eliz fort erosalief - Sep 21, 2014
    Do you use Jello?
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    Cathy Fisher Cathy_Fisher - Sep 21, 2014
    Why are you asking me if I use Jello, when the recipe calls for Raspberry Jello Eliz.? Yes, I have made cherry jello pie with graham cracker crust & whip cream & it was decilious. I have to watch my sugar along with my sodium due to renal diet. What did you think I meant by the way?
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    Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - Sep 25, 2014
    whip the whipping cream before adding and soft set the jello.