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Toni Cross

Lightly Salted
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Brighton, TN (pop. 2,735)

I'm married to my soul mate Chris Cross. I have two "living sons", Travis Jackett, and Torey Jackett, and I have a baby boy "in Heaven", Shannon. I'm 52, and am a Pisces. I love to draw and paint and have sold some of my work and also give them as presents, sometimes. I like to sing, and I also perform in plays in Covington, Tn., which is about 10 or 15 minutes north of the town I live in, Brighton. Hence the photo: it's me, the shorty (5'1") in the middle, with the red scarf on my head! I played a gypsy type lady in a spoof on Snow white, called Snow White and the Seven Robbers. Ha!