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    Shirley Parker skdp - Sep 6, 2011
    wow can't wait to make them
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    Randall Mars merryn - Oct 5, 2011
    Incredibly good...I used a buttery chocolate cake mix and added chopped pecans and mini marshmallows! After baking just stand back, the stampeding herd of wildebeasts (aka your kids and their friends) will make short work of the entire batch! LOL Next time I'll double the recipe. 5 stars!!
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    Jennifer Brown mommy2sky - Oct 30, 2011
    OMGoodness! These look and sound amazing! Can't wait to make them tonight!! Thank you!
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    Meg Harms megharms49 - Dec 17, 2011
    Not sure what I did wrong--These did not flatten out and stayed in the same shape that they were when I placed them on the cookie sheet. I followed the directions to a "T". I thought they looked VERY good from the recipe and picture, but probably won't make them again. Got any ideas what happened? I don't! BTW, I am a seasoned baker, not a "newby"
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    Debbie Tudor TudorCastle - Dec 20, 2011
    I would imagine you would have needed to flatten with a greased spatula or a glass bottom??