pinch tips: How to Butterfly Meat

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to easily butterfly meat.

Donald Strain - Apr 5, 2018
And 2 1/2 years later this is still being shown. I'm a retired meat cutter and I can't begin to tell you how stupid it would be to cut a piece of meat holding it in your hand.
Phyllis W - Nov 29, 2016
And yes! It is so much easier to filet meats when only partial thawed
Phyllis W - Nov 29, 2016
I agree. No one should try to provide cooking instruction with these kinds of bad examples. I know what a small bad habit in the kitchen can cost
Judy Scholler - Apr 30, 2016
Another great idea is to slice the meat while it is partially frozen. It is much easier to handle then.
Judy Scholler - Apr 30, 2016
My father was a chef and a great baker. He told me often never to cut with a knife towards any part of my body. Always away. Good advice and I have made the mistake of not following it sometimes and usually ended up with a couple of stitches for my trouble.
janet demalio - Apr 9, 2016
You are kidding me!!!! I would of sliced right into the palm of my hand! I am 72 and been cooking a long time, put the meat on a board , one hand on top , then slice ....even then , be careful .
Pedro Rico - Feb 2, 2016
You are right Sicarius, even professionals get hurt.

Some people don't know how to keep the knifes sharp and the pressed harder to make a cut. It is very important to keep the knifes sharp.
Sicarius Peremo - Feb 1, 2016
Carlene @ I guess you haven't seen Masterchef, Hells Kitchen, etc, grown ups, even when being quite professional, still cut themselves ;)
carlene ryder - Jan 20, 2016
or adults fine they know how to use a knife most I will say,but a beginner or the kids that might be watching without experience ,wantingTo be a chef one day could really get hurt.But I'm only one opinion.
Carmn Luczak - Jan 19, 2016
yet it is still on here
Briana Carson - Jan 10, 2016
That was my first thought when I saw the video, Pedro
Pedro Rico - Dec 19, 2015
It's fine,but it's not safe at all; Not at all, it's very dangerous by doing it this way people can cut their hand. No, it's not the way to do it.

The safer way to do it, and the only way is to put the meat flat on a cutting board use one hand on top of the meat, get a very sharp fillete knife and start slicing.

I learn it from a butcher friend of mine, and beleave me butchers know how to do it.

I feel that this video should be remove befor some one get hurt..
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