Best Carrot Cake Ever

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The best carrot cake recipe ever! This easy and delicious carrot cake is sure to be a hit on your holiday dessert table. Click here for the Best Carrot Cake Ever recipe!

Judy Johnson - Apr 12, 2019
You ladies are a hilarious bunch of cake snobs. The posted recipe is similar to mine and people think mine is the "Best Carrot Cake Ever". Just because your recipe differs a bit from this one doesn't make yours the best. Post your recipe and let us try it. We might agree with you and we may not. You also might try the posted recipe before you pass judgement. Calm down and Breathe.........
Susanne lopez - Apr 11, 2019
Barb.... you stated: "Christine, you are spot on. Would not even look at a recipe that did not include buttermilk, pineapple, and citrus zest". Obviously you looked at this recipe?????
Barbara Anderson - Apr 11, 2019
I am surprised that comments that were meant to be helpful took such a nasty turn. Why the personal attacks? Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether or not you agree. And it is unreasonable to tell others what they ought to say. Calm down, ladies. This is a recipe, not an act of Congress.
Susanne lopez - Apr 11, 2019
Seems like your feeding too much into a title - opinion of the Baker. i will make this cake tonight and post my opinion. If you are correct about the cake i will be sure to state such opinion and acknowledge that you are right. Until then you should post in your opinion of the Best Carrot cake ever. I would love to try it.
Penny Wells - Apr 11, 2019
Suzanne. I don't need to share a recipe. I don't claim to have the best. But enough people agree that this one is not the best that It's obvious it's not. I has not orange glaze to put on the cake before the frosting. No flavor in the frosting and a disgusting amount of oil, which adds no flavor. I don't have to have the best recipe to know this is NOT it.l
Susanne lopez - Apr 11, 2019
Penny Wells.... such negativity yet you have no recipe to share... You probably made this found it to be better than your recipe and couldn't stand it. Careful your jealousy is showing.
Holly S - Apr 10, 2019
Looks delicious...
gina heese - Apr 10, 2019
Lol! I LOVE being a part of JUSTAPINCH but, sheesh, these comments look like the political banter of FB!
Barbara Anderson - Apr 10, 2019
Christine, you are spot on. Would not even look at a recipe that did not include buttermilk, pineapple, and citrus zest. Try three different zests for something really nummy.
Christine Yorga - Apr 10, 2019
I have to agree with Penny. My best carrot cake recipe calls for buttermilk, crushed pineapple, vanilla extract, and orange zest. These ingredients take carrot cake to another level.
Christie Kocian - Apr 10, 2019
I just love the nasty critics on here, they can't even produce a "better" tasting carrot cake recipe..either that or they can't bake or cook.
Cathie Hardy - Apr 10, 2019
Yo are right, Penny. Not even CLOSE!
Christie Kocian - Apr 10, 2019
Penny Wells, lets see your best carrot cake recipe. Oh you probably don't have
John Hames - Apr 10, 2019
Penny, please share the carrot cake you like best.
Penny Wells - Mar 28, 2019
So sorry, but this is not even close to the best carrot cake.
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