How can I become part of the Honorary Kitchen Crew?

As you know, great recipes lead to smiling faces... and maybe even a Blue Ribbon. Well, we're proud to announce that the Club members who have earned the highest number of Blue Ribbons now have their very own Honorary Kitchen Crew Wall of Fame!

These true blue cooks hold a special place in our hearts and at our tables, so we're making everyone who earns 6 or more Blue Ribbons - or wins a Just A Pinch recipe contest - an honorary member of the Just A Pinch Kitchen Crew... and we're hanging their picture on our Wall! Stop in and meet these friendly folks.

Watch for more Honorary Crew spottings in the coming weeks as they team up with The Kitchen Crew to taste test YOUR recipes and nominate Blue Ribbons! Keep posting your recipes and, who knows, you may be the next to join the Honorary Crew!