What is a Blue Ribbon Fast Track?

Each year, Premium members can submit one (1) recipe for the Test Kitchen to cook using their Blue Ribbon Fast Track. The Crew will test the recipe and provide the Test Kitchen's feedback and comments.

If the Test Kitchen deems your recipe ribbon-worthy, you will be mailed a real Blue Ribbon, your recipe will added to our Blue Ribbon recipe collection, and a press release will be sent to your local news outlets.

Each Blue Ribbon Fast Track has a $50 expedition fee to cover Test Kitchen expenses and time.

If your recipe is not eligible for testing, you will have the opportunity to submit another recipe for consideration.

To be eligible for a Fast Track, you must be a Premium member who has not submitted a Blue Ribbon Fast Track within the past year, and your recipe must be original, without a Blue Ribbon and not Pinched from another site. Fees do apply.