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Danish Kringle Recipe

Danish Kringle

By Penny R
Can be used as a dessert or as a breakfast treat. I sometimes sell my baked...

Kringle Recipe


By anne clark
This is another one of those recipes that my family has made for years and we...

Danish Kringle Recipe

Danish Kringle

By Maureen Maguire
This was my dad's favorite coffe cake, and it became our family tradition to serve this...

Pecan Kringle Sticks Recipe

Pecan Kringle Sticks

By donna clark
This just melts in your mouth, I like the flakiness and that it's not too sweet....

Christmas Kringle Recipe

Christmas Kringle

By Bonnie Beck
This is my favorite dessert to have on Christmas Eve, Our Christmas big dinner is held on...

A Danish Kringle Recipe

A Danish Kringle

By Kathy D
This Danish recipe comes from the international section of my Three Rivers cookbook. I hope you...

Cherry Kringle Recipe

Cherry Kringle

By Vickie Parks
Kringles are a classic Scandinavian pastry. This recipe is for a basic Danish Kringle recipe...

Swedish Kringler Or Almond Puff Recipe

Swedish Kringler or Almond Puff

By mary Armstrong
This is my personal favorite "favorite". It is the butteryist, richest, flakiest, custardiest, yummiest,...