#Zucchinni Recipes

Cin's Spicy Zucchinni Relish

Spicy Zucchinni Relish

By cin Rafter
This one was just to use up excess zucchinni (everyone has this issue I am sure)....
Cin's Spicy Zucchinni Relish

Squash Casserole

By Miranda Gunlogson
I make this for my family whenever they come to visit, they love it!
Yummy Summer Veggie Pizza!

Summer Veggie Pizza

By Ginger Marks
My boys (4,12&13) are not big on eating veggies, but they absolutely loved this recipe!
Zucchini / Spaghetti

Zucchini / Spaghetti

By Carol Junkins
Have been making this for years, as my husband loves it with our fresh zucchini from...