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    Bunyan's Diabetic Yankee Pot Roast

    By Paul Bushay
    This was one of my favorite meals as a boy. Mom didn't have a crock pot...

    Yankee Pot Roast with Beer

    By Bonnie Beck
    I love cooking with beer. It makes the roast rich in flavor and the gravy heavenly.

    Roast with yankee pot roast sauce

    By barbara lentz
    This is totally a flavorful roast.

    Crock-Pot Pot Roast

    By Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
    This is the recipe that came with my crock-pot.

    Tender Pot Roast with Gravy Yankee Style

    By Nor Mac
    This is the way I have been making Pot Roast for years. It is quite simple,...


    By Judy W
    Just a slightly different take on a chuck roast. Good flavors.

    crock pot pork roast

    By Barbara Miller
    adapted from Southern Plate

    3 pkg roast!

    By Lori Harbin-Combs
    It is Really Hot here in central California so I tried this recipe and it's a...

    crock pot french dip

    By John Beck
    Super simple man food that women like too! Guaranteed to please every carnivore. I use Pepperidge...


    By Tere Gill
    This is a super-easy, delicious slow cooker recipe that's great for any night of the week....

    Crock Pot 101

    By Christine Schnepp
    I posted these tips and tricks to crock pot use in my group "Kiss the Chef"...

    converting crock pot recipe to oven

    By Stormy Stewart
    have a crock pot recipe that you love but no crock pot. here is the conversion

    Dulce De Leche in Crock Pot

    By Penny Binker
    Didn't last long once out the crock pot, nice, warm, caramel luscious. So glad I managed...

    Crock Pot Cabrito en Salsa (Goat in Sauce)

    By Cindy Puga
    This is my version of Cabrito en Salsa Monterrey style. Hope you enjoy my crock pot...
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