#Wisconsin Recipes

Chicken Salad Sandwich With Havarti Cheese Recipe

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Havarti Cheese

By Pat Duran
If you love Havarti cheese this sandwich is right up your ally-- with a combination of...
Ploughman's Sandwich Recipe

Ploughman's Sandwich

By Scott Anderson
The traditional British pub lunch sandwich is quite simple. Start with hearty rustic bread such as...
Family Favorite Pasties (meat Pies) Recipe

Family Favorite Pasties (Meat Pies)

By Family Favorites
These bundles of hot, satisfying yumminess are sold throughout northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan at restaurants...
Wisconsin Brats And Beer Cheddar Chowder Recipe

Wisconsin Brats and Beer Cheddar Chowder

By Family Favorites
With a wink and a nod to my proud Wisconsin upbringing. Brats, beer, and cheese... What's...