#Whiskey Recipes

Cin's Version Of The Sugar-free Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce Recipe

Cin's Version of the "Sugar-Free Bread Pudding with Whiskey...

By Straws Kitchen
This recipe is from the famous 'Bon Ton Cafe' in New Orleans. BUT... modified into a sugar-free...
Whiskey Cake Recipe

whiskey cake

By Mallory Williams
hey whiskey's lover here a cake for you guys!!!
Creamy Irish Stout Cupcakes Recipe

Creamy Irish Stout Cupcakes

By Amy Wexler
This is the moistest cupcake I have ever had. The chocolate and Guinness are wonderful together...
Mama's Christmas Fruitcake - Dee Dee's Recipe

Mama's Christmas Fruitcake - Dee Dee's

By Diane Atherton
This has to be the very best fruitcake ever!! This recipe was passed down to...
Screwball Recipe


By Patrice Manning
Once again the Denver Post came up with a tasty drink! This one in honor of...
Mom’s Fresh Apple Love Letter Cake Recipe

Mom’s Fresh Apple Love Letter Cake

By Barbara Mayo
I am 55 years old,my mom has been gone for 3 years. Ever since I...
Peachy Wild Rice Recipe

Peachy Wild Rice

By Bob Wakeman
This goes good withjus abought any thing. I serve this with my stuffed pork chops
Homemade Polish Creamy Whiskey Recipe

Homemade Polish Creamy Whiskey

By Monica H
This drink is very easy to make, keeps for about a week and a half in...
Glasses & Containers For Drink Making Recipe

Glasses & Containers for Drink Making

By S I
*Just thought I'd share this information for the drink makers.* There are various types of glassware of...
Bob's Sweet & Sour Pork Chops. Recipe

Bob's Sweet & Sour Pork Chops.

By Bob Wakeman
Something I came up with when we pulled some pork chops from the freezer.
Bourbon Cherry Pie Pumpkin Butter Recipe

"Bourbon Cherry Pie" Pumpkin Butter

By Tiffany Bannworth
I can never wait for the autumn and winter cooking to begin! This is a good...
Spiced Nectarine Whiskey Preserves Recipe

Spiced Nectarine Whiskey Preserves

By Tiffany Bannworth
This sweet preserve with surprise breakfasters everywhere, but why limit yourself to breakfast. Try a scoop...
Different Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream Recipe

Different Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream

By Pat Campbell
Have not made this recipe either. This is from allfreecoycatrecipes.com, at Eat Boutique by Maggie Gattista. This...
Great Grandad's Eggnog Recipe

Great Grandad's Eggnog

By Susan Seybert
It wouldn't be Christmas without my grandfather's eggnog. This is not for the faint of...
Jack's Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

Jack's Chocolate Pecan Pie

By mary Armstrong
My husbands favorite sweets are dark chocolate and pecan pie. His favorite drink is Jack Daniel's...
The Cowboy Cupcake Recipe

The Cowboy Cupcake

By Sarah Stein
The Cowboy cupcake features a flavor packed whiskey caramel cake covered in dark chocolate ganache. ...
Chocolate Cake With Whiskey Cream Recipe

Chocolate Cake with Whiskey Cream

By Ann Hatzimangas
Not exactly low cal, but worth it!!
Whiskey Wild Cherry Coke Glazed Ham Recipe

Whiskey Wild Cherry Coke Glazed Ham

By Monica Keleher
This ham is such an incredible hit at our house. The boys devour it. I serve...
Oatmeal Delights Recipe

Oatmeal Delights

By Ann Hatzimangas
I can't get Irish oatmeal here, so I use Quaker, these are easy to make, no-cook...
Spiced Whiskey Apple Butter Recipe

Spiced Whiskey Apple Butter

By Naomi Nakashima
This apple butter is warm and spicy and enhanced with the flavor of your favorite whiskey....
The Whiskey Under The Sink Tea Cake Recipe

"The Whiskey under the Sink" Tea cake

By k r
This is another recipe from my Nana's notebook, and I kid you not that's what she...