#Versatile Recipes

Debbie's Easiest Ever Dessert

By Debbie Thurmond
If there is a "one size fits all" dessert, this is it. The variations are...

Breakfast Braid

By Teresa Jacobson
My sister-in-law made this for brunch and I just HAD to have the recipe. I had...

Oatmeal Everything Cookies

By Deanna Ogle
I came up with this recipe when I looked through my baking drawer and saw small...

Banana Split Topping

By Deanna Ogle
Mom used to make this with a box of frozen sliced strawberries but I prefer fresh....


By Monica Mullens
I got this recipe from the New York Times. They are like potstickers.These are great, The...

Juliet Prowse's Herbed Cream Cheese Sauce

By Martha Price
For those of you too young to remember, Juliet Prowse was a beautiful and talented dancer,...

Speecie Spicee Meataballas

By Pam Ellingson
Took a fairly basic baked turkey meatball recipe and made it mine. Pretty yummy little meatballs...

Salami And Cream Cheeses Wedges

By Martha Price
I got this recipe from a little cookbook entitled "Tested Best", which featured recipes from America's...

Yummy Cheesy Garlic & Chilis Pull-A-Part Bread

By Martha Price
I may be the last person around to finally try this, but I finally did, and...

"Planned-overs" and Rice

By Karla Harkins
I had a lot of leftover porkchops from dinner yesterday. I thought "I should have...

Best Ever Cornstarch Cookies

By Lea Carriere
My Fiance has been telling me about these cookies forever so I finally decided to try...

Grandma's Whipped Hamburgers

By Martha Price
While looking through my 101-year-old grandma's old recipes I came across this one for hamburger patties...

Sloppy Chicken

By Angela Smith
I love to get in the kitchen and develop new recipes with what I have on...

Fried egg sandwich with style, part 2

By Ellen Bales
I love eggs and everything that goes with them. So I started putting different foods together...

Frankfurters in Tasty Sauce

By Martha Price
My mother and grandmother served frankfurters often; they are economical, versatile, and we all liked them....

Falling in Love with Okra and Corn!

By cathy tate
Every summer I look forward to the fresh vegetables, especially okra and silver queen corn! But...


By Candace Lemings
This recipe is versatile, you can use: - Shredded chicken and alfredo sauce with mozzarella. -...

Cheater Berry Syrup for Pancakes, Waffles...etc.

By R S
My husband and son love berry syrup and they go through a LOT of it. Making...

Spiced Pecan Cream Cheese Cake Cookies-Annette's

By Annette W.
Now that's a mouthful. Or shall I say, you'll have a mouthful of these cookies hot...

Cherry Almond Dump Cake-Annette's

By Annette W.
Need a simple and delicious recipe in a hurry? This is it. The other great thing...

Fresh Tomato Soup - from scratch

By Elaine Douglas
In the Fall when fresh field tomatoes are at their best I make a huge batch...

Dixie's Mustard Sauce

By Martha Price
I got this recipe from a cookbook published about 20 years ago, by a church my...

Cherry Crisp

By Lisa N
Delicious, quick, and easy cherry crisp made with cherry pie filling and pantry ingredients. I made...

Simply Good Chicken Cacciatore

By Martha Price
My (first) mother-in-law was known for her dislike of cooking, and, after her children were grown...
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