#Valentines Day Recipes

Cherry-vanilla Pancakes Recipe

Cherry-Vanilla Pancakes

By Beverley Williams
I usually make these for my husband and children for Valentine's Day. But they are great...
Tutti Fruity Meringue Bowls Recipe

Tutti Fruity Meringue Bowls

By Susan Simpson
These meringues are a great and simple way to use up those extra egg whites when...
Red Velvet Pots De Creme With Poached Strawberries Recipe

Red Velvet Pots De Creme with Poached Strawberries

By Crystal Schlueter
This special dessert is perfect for sharing with a loved one on Valentine's Day. The recipe...
Chocolate Covered Cherry Milk Recipe

Chocolate Covered Cherry Milk

By Kim Biegacki
I love Maraschino cherries and have been adding the juice to my milk for years. Then...
Valentines Day Dinner (salmon Patties) Recipe

Valentines Day Dinner (Salmon Patties)

By mindy morrissette
My husband told me one day "I hate salmon! It's so fishy." So I made it...
Pretty In Pink Punch Recipe

Pretty in Pink Punch

By Kim Biegacki
This recipe brings back fond memories of Christmas & Easter as I always helped my Grandma...
Cherry-berry Cake Recipe

Cherry-berry cake

By Renae McVay
Created by me when looking for a sweet surprise for my sweetheart on Valentine's Day.
Heart Beets Of Love Cake  W/ Choc Crm Chse Frstng Recipe

Heart Beets of Love Cake W/ Choc Crm Chse Frstng

By Rose Mary Mogan
I made a few changes to my Basic Pound Cake recipe to create this for my...
Strawberry Cream Cheese  Sweetheart Pie Recipe

Strawberry Cream Cheese Sweetheart Pie

By Rose Mary Mogan
This was one of the dessert items on my Valentine's Dinner Menu. I made it especially...
Beef Wellington For 6 With Burgundy Wine Sauce Recipe

Beef Wellington for 6 with Burgundy Wine Sauce

By Rose Mary Mogan
This is my Step By Step Version of Beef Wellington with pictures. The task of...
Valentine's Day Candy Bark Recipe

Valentine's Day Candy Bark

By Cindi Bauer
A quick, easy, candy to make for your favorite Valentine.
Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Easy Chocolate Fudge

By Cindi Bauer
This really is a quick and easy fudge recipe. And oh so good too! Enjoy it...
Champagne Oysters With Tarragon Recipe

Champagne Oysters with Tarragon

By Melanie Campbell
I serve this every year over pasta ( ziti, penne, elbow, etc.).
Aunt Kerry's Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Aunt Kerry's Dutch Apple Pie

By Sal Morgera
It took along time for me to get this recipe. Years actually. Well, she finally gave...
Chewy Strawberry Sugar Cookies Recipe

Chewy Strawberry Sugar Cookies

By Junia Sonier
We were given a lot of strawberries so I had to figure out what to do...
Mom's Delicious Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Mom's Delicious Red Velvet Cake

By Fran Murray
This recipe is great anytime, but especially at Christmas and Valentine's Day. Although I usually make...
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies Recipe

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

By Rebecca Martindale
These cookies are a perfect treat for any occassion. They are a moist, cake like cookie....
How To Make Swirl Hearts Recipe

How to make swirl hearts

By Nicole P.
easy as 1-2-3 :) Add some love to your meals :)
Dark Kiss Fudge Recipe

Dark Kiss Fudge

By Tam D
My daughter created this recipe, and we developed it together. It has a smooth, creamy...
Strawberry Marble Cake Recipe

Strawberry Marble Cake

By Junia Sonier
I love strawberries and I love cake so I decided to make this. I made this...
Creme Celeste Recipe

Creme Celeste

By Carol Zahn
This is a very elegant dessert, especially for Christmas dinner. It is bright white and...