#Two Recipes

Hearty Lasagna For Two

Hearty Lasagna for Two

By Barbara Kavorkian
For years of dabbling with recipes and having TONS of leftovers that ended up going to...
This Makes The Perfect Meal For One Or Two Either Grilled On Th Bbq Or In A Skillet As Is The Photo Here. I Love To Fix These.

Best Ever Pork Tenderloin Fillets By freda

great for one, two, or how ever many you want. No heat in the Kitchen; QUICK...
Spaghetti & Meatballs For Two

Spaghetti and Meatballs for Two

By Tammy Raynes
Since it's just my husband and I eating by ourselves a lot of times you just...
Quick And Easy Coffee Cake For Two - Microwave

Quick and Easy Coffee Cake for Two - Microwave

By Karen Vandevander
This recipe was inspired by all the wonderful cooks here on JAP who cook for 2....
The Finished Product

Cyndi's Shrimp Stuffed Baked Potato

By cyndi Williams
I love Shrimp Dejong which is a Chicago staple but now days it's hard to find...


By mary Armstrong
This is a small batch, enough for a bread pan.
Cream Puff Squares

Cream Puff Squares

By Suzanne LaLonde
I fixed this, took it to my daughters house, we ate a piece. Brought two pieces...
Hamburger Hash

Hamburger Hash

By Loretta Hall
Wanted to make something that I would like and eat without throwing away leftovers. Also wanted...
Two Bite Brownies/flourless

Two Bite Brownies/Flourless

By Kara Veurtjes
From Paleo cookbook - Gluten free; keeps good in fridge or freezer
Mini Pork And Potato Loaves

Mini Pork and Potato Loaves

By Penny Mayfield
This recipe comes from one of the many cookbooks I got from my mom when she...