#Triple Sec Recipes

Purple Hooter

Purple Hooter

By Robyn Bruce
I love raspberry anything. This is a tasty raspberry drink that will really sneak up on...
Poinsettia Champagne Cocktails Are Perfect For Holiday Parties Or Any Time Of Year.


By Donna Graffagnino
What an easy and delicious holiday cocktail, but of course it's good all year long.
Hawaiian Sunrise Cocktail For One

Hawaiian Sunrise Cocktail for One

By Donna Graffagnino
I've seen several variations of this drink, but as far as I'm concerned this one is...
Nuclear Ice Tea

Nuclear Iced Tea

By Vickie Parks
This is a refreshing summer drink that has a wonderful flavor.
Pink Lady Cocktail - 10/19/14

Pink Lady Cocktail

By Vickie Parks
This cocktail is great. It's only slightly sweet but mostly just a great, refreshing cocktail....