#Traditional Recipes

Carne Guisada Recipe

Carne Guisada

By Emma Menchaca
This is the same recipe my mother and grandmother used. Very simple and DELICIOUS!!!
Southern Corn Pudding Recipe

Southern Corn Pudding

By Tammy Raynes
Southern cooks make corn pudding often. It can be served with a BBQ sandwich or a...
Elaine's Best Butter Tarts Recipe

Elaine's Best Butter Tarts

By Elaine Douglas
This is a traditional English Canadian dessert that you can find in any bakery or grocery...
Traditional Hard Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

Traditional Hard Matzo Ball Soup

By Pamela Rappaport
When I married my Jewish husband 28 years ago, his mother taught me to make "real"...
Rosettes - Norwigian Cookies Recipe

Rosettes - Norwigian Cookies

By Colleen Sowa
This is a traditional Norwegian recipe that my grandmother received from a friend of hers the...
Peggi's Homemade Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
Pumpkin pies are pumpkin pies, right? NOT!! I chose two or three of the most popular...
Mazza Savada (portuguese Sweet Bread) Recipe

MAZZA SAVADA (Portuguese Sweet Bread)

By Beth M.
This is served especially around Easter time, but it's wonderful any day! Thick slices toasted...
Favas, Portuguese Favas Recipe

FAVAS, Portuguese Favas

By Beth M.
Madeline Viveiros,a friend from Swansea,(Mrs. J.V.), gave me this yummy recipe years ago. Today it...
Deb's Best Traditional Greens Southern Style Recipe

Deb's Best Traditional Greens Southern Style

By Debbie Wilson
Many ppl claim they have the best recipe for greens. I have to say they are...
Codfish Cakes And Bacon Recipe

Codfish Cakes and Bacon

By Beth M.
A favorite New England Sunday breakfast! From an old New England Cookbook Living in Massachusetts where Codfish is...
Springerle Cookies Recipe

Springerle Cookies

By Pam Ellingson
If you read the story on my Pfefferneuse cookies, you will understand why I love these...
Cheater Carnitas Recipe

Cheater Carnitas

By Esther Hardman
I was desperate for Carnitas, but didn't have the lard or the patience.
French Canadian 'tortiere Pie' (pork Pie) Recipe

French Canadian 'Tortiere Pie' (Pork Pie)

By Brenda Washell
I Fell in love with this pie when I had it in Maine with some of...
Southern Traditonal Pecan Pie Recipe

Southern Traditonal Pecan Pie

By Kathy Sterling
No holiday would be complete in our family without pecan pie. We do not only...
Pam's Cooked Celery-amish Style Recipe

Pam's Cooked Celery-Amish Style

By Pam Ellingson
If I remember correctly, I found this recipe in the book by Beth Wiseman, Plain Perfect...
Real Carrot Cake Recipe

REAL Carrot Cake

By Connee Sheckler
Modern day recipes added cream cheese frosting; the traditional cake has a rum-infused glaze.
Skorthalia Greek Garlic Dip/sauce Recipe

"Skorthalia" Greek Garlic Dip/Sauce

By Maria *
There are several variations of skordalia. They all produce a garlic sauce that goes wonderfully with...
Horiatiki Salata Greek Village Salad Recipe

"Horiatiki Salata" Greek Village Salad

By Maria *
This summer salad is on the menu in every Greek restaurant and many non-Greek restaurants as...
Bierocks German Hamburger And Cabbage Filled Buns Recipe

Bierocks German hamburger and cabbage filled buns

By Tim Hankel
Both grandmothers used to make these and it seemed that they could never make enough of...
Old Fashioned Fudge (sallye) Recipe

Old Fashioned Fudge (Sallye)

By sallye bates
Someone was requesting the recipe for old-timey fudge. Here is a version I have used...
Ellen's Irish Channel Colcannon Recipe


By Ellen Bales
I learned how to make this traditional Irish dish when I lived in New Orleans. We...
Tagliatelle Bolognese Recipe

Tagliatelle Bolognese

By Tammy T
This is a traditional Italian dish. Named after the the city Bologna in northern Italy, Bolognese...
Holiday Punch Recipe

Holiday Punch

By Adriana Torres
Calientitos, or Ponche Navideño, is a drink commonly prepared during the holiday season specifically Christmas. The...
Top Secret Family Pecan Pie Recipe

Top Secret Family Pecan Pie

By C C
My mom was known for her pies, including her pecan pie. Then one day I...