#Tortilla Recipes

Chili Cheese Dog Nachos Recipe

Chili Cheese Dog Nachos

By Brandy Bender
I had this just the other night! Wanted to make Chili Cheese Dogs but did not...
Easy Peasy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


By nancy mackel
After living in San Antonio, Texas for 20 years I have had my share of tortilla...
Mexican Corn Soup Recipe

Mexican Corn Soup

By Wanda Grundmann
So quick. So easy. So delicious. Nuff said !! Be prepared to hear a lot of "mmmm's"...
Taco Salad Recipe

Taco Salad

By Katrina Freed
Being disappointed with most of the taco salads I ordered in restaurants I began making my...
Tim's Pb&j Tortilla Roll Ups Recipe

Tim's PB&J Tortilla Roll Ups

By Brandy Bender
My husband came up with these roll ups one day when he got a craving for...
Easy & Budget Friendly Meat Roll Ups Recipe

Easy & Budget Friendly Meat Roll Ups

By Brandy Bender
My husband and I came up with these roll ups one day again because there was...
Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Tortilla Pizza

By Donna Brown
These are a super quick light lunch or appetizer. My grandchildren love these little tasty...
Chorizo Garbage Plate Recipe

Chorizo Garbage Plate

By Brandy Bender
All I can say is WOW!
El Barto's Mexican Cheese Dip Recipe

"El Barto's" Mexican Cheese Dip

By Lorena Deiters
Perhaps it’s the fond memories of our early salad days, but nothing feels like home to...
Jicama Pico Chicken Salad Recipe

Jicama Pico Chicken Salad

By Laura lee Cloutier
I bought a huge jicama at the store and have been trying to find ways to...
Belly Dancing Chicken Wraps Recipe

Belly Dancing Chicken Wraps

By Laura lee Cloutier
If you want an exotic and interesting flair for plain old chicken, this is it! The char...
Ciao Bella Triple Decker Tortilla  Wedges Recipe

Ciao Bella Triple Decker Tortilla Wedges

By Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello
This is a combination of a couple recipes I saw for tortilla roll ups. I always...
Hot Bean Dip Recipe

Hot Bean Dip

By Samantha Dean
In my younger days, my friends and I would get together every weekend. Of course there...
Amazing Date Night Chicken Tacos Recipe

Amazing "Date Night" Chicken Tacos

By Shanelle Long
We LOVE to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant... but when we can't get a sitter...
Pizzatillas Recipe


By Teresa Jacobson
My kids LOVE these snacks! They're super easy, tasty and not loaded in fat like some...
Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe

Homemade Flour Tortillas

By Amy Girdley Clarkson
Sometimes I want to have a sandwich wrap and don't have the flour tortilla to do...
Gerry Butlers Ice Cream Hat Recipe

Gerry Butlers Ice Cream Hat

GB loves sweets, cakes and ice cream and mexican food. I am a fan of his...
Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup

By Deb Rosdahl
Great on a cold day!
Savory Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


By cheryl clark
this is as close as I could get to my favorite soup served by Chili's Restaurant.
Speedy Salsa Recipe

Speedy Salsa

By Dana Moore AKA: Southern Gals Cook
I love fresh cilantro, so I created this salsa recipe and it has been a big...
Black Bean Turkey Burger With Corny Slaw Recipe

Black Bean Turkey Burger with Corny Slaw

By Brittany A
Adapted from Paula Deen. Healthy and delicious!
Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip

By Melissa Williamson
My family and friends loves my dip. I make them for parties and holidays. It is...
White Bean Falafels With Chimchurri Yogurt Sauce Recipe

White Bean Falafels with Chimchurri Yogurt Sauce

By Didi Dalaba
This recipe is for the Ninja Chef Challenge. Our ingredients were; garlic, tortilla's, yogurt. A mystery...
Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup (chili's) Recipe

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup (Chili's)

By Hope Vaillancourt
This is by far one of our favorites! If you have ever been to Chili's and...