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    Tortellini and chicken salad

    By sherry monfils
    A very easy, tasty salad for the summer.

    Grilled Chicken and Tortellini Salad

    By Peggy O'Brien
    This is a great chicken pasta meal. It can also be prepared without the chicken, and...

    Tortellini Salad with Rotisserie Chicken

    By Stephanie Dodd
    A dear friend at church brought this salad to one of our potlucks and it was...

    Warm Roasted Root Vegetable and Chicken Salad

    By Susan Bickta
    I created this recipe for a contest. It was not a winner, but my family...

    spinach and chicken salad

    By shawn eide
    Summer salads are a favorite. Put alot of my favorite salad ingedien ts together for this...

    Pineapple, Cashew, Grapes, and Chicken Salad

    By linda O
    I went to a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona and I had shared this Pineapple Salad with...

    Cauliflower and Chicken Salad

    By karen wilsey
    I made this salad with left over bbq. chicken so i came up with this idea...

    Tortellini and Avocado Salad

    By Chilly Butt
    This is a very easy, but somewhat heavy pasta dish. Depending on your taste, use more...

    Chicken Salad with Fresh Salad Greens & Warm Naan

    By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
    Refreshing, light and easy! Perfect for any time of day.

    Kat's Southwest Chicken Salad

    By Kathleen Hagood
    My husband and I love spicy foods, so I made up a chicken salad recipe that...

    Crispy Chicken Salad By Freda

    This is one of "My favorite" all time Easy to put together salads, also Very Nourishing...

    Asian Chicken Salad Sandwich

    By Lolly St John
    I love chicken salad sandwiches and I love this carrot ginger dressing so I have combined...

    Chinese Chicken Salad

    By Beth Pierce
    This healthy and delicious Chinese Chicken Salad combines Napa and red cabbage, carrots, chicken, sweet red...
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