#Toppings Recipes

Candied Walnuts For Salads

Candied Walnuts for Salads

By Penny Hall
This is a recipe to add a unique flavor to your salads.
Casserole Toppings

Casserole Toppings

Here is a few topping that you may or may not already use. Take a...
Apple Butter

Apple Butter

By mary Armstrong
A favorite recipe from my brother Eddie.
Pecan Praline Sauce

Pecan Praline Sauce

By Linda Edwards
Pour this sauce over any pound cake and turn it into something special. It is also...
Coconut Cream Pie With Marshmellow Creme Meringue.

Marshmellow Creme Meringue

By Sena Wilson
This is a delicious meringue recipe to use for cream pies. It stacks high. ...
Great Topping For My Fudge Pie.

Honey Cran-Cranberry Topping

By Shelia Senghas
The holidays are a great time to find cranberries in abundance and with the addition of...
This Cheesecake Is Covered In The Ganache From This Recipe. It Also Has My Daughter, Melissa's, White Chocolate Snowflake On Top Of The Ganache. Yum.

Chocolate Ganache

By Stuart Grifenhagen
Rich chocolate topping for decadent cakes and goodies...
Caramel Anything Is My Favorite!

Hot Caramel Ice Cream Topping

By Sheila D
I am always on the look out for caramel sauces. I would like to have a...
Homemade Butterscotch

Homemade Butterscotch

By Linda Kauppinen
Butterscotch takes about a half an hour to make, from start to finish. There is absolutely nothing...
Smothered French Fries


By Ellen Bales
This is truly decadent junk food at its finest. Just imagine a loaded baked potato and...
Right Off The Barbie

Onions on the Barbie

By Tanya Jones
I was sitting in Weight Watchers meeting this evening and we were talking about how we...
Whit Chocolate Whipped Cream

White Chocolate Whipped Cream

By Nor Mac
This is one of my favorite whipped creams. I love to use it on pies,cakes,and pudding....
Relish Served On Chicken

Chunky Peach Relish

By Nor Mac
I love fruit toppings on my poultry,and Pork dishes. This is a sweet Peach relish with...
~ Easy Pralines ~ Sis's

~ Easy Pralines ~ Sis's

By Cassie *
Yum! My sis brought these to a party over the weekend and they were gone in...
Strawberry Puree

Strawberry or Raspberry Puree

By Carolyn Haas
This adult puree is very versatile. Use over ice cream, over peaches, in cocktails or...
Fresh Corn And Green Tomato Salsa

Fresh Corn And Green Tomato Salsa

By Dave T.
Summer is here and fresh veggies are in abundance!!!!! What better way to use them than...
Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos

By Amy Herald
Fun taco fact: October 4th Is National Taco Day In the United States.