#Tequila Recipes

Margaritas From Scratch Recipe

Margaritas from scratch

By Lynne Hawkins
This is a well balanced drink; not too sweet and not too tart. And so simple...
Margarita Cake  -- Bonnie's Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^ .
This is the great American cake. Skip the cocktail hour and have a slice of...
Margarita Cupcakes Recipe

Margarita Cupcakes

By Organic Andrea
I don't share my recipes with anyone who knows me personally. I posted the picture of...
Sue's Italian Margaritas Recipe

Sue's Italian Margaritas

By Susan Jackson
If you love margarita's I am sure you and your friends will enjoy this recipe. My...
Frosty Strawberry Margarita Dessert Recipe

Frosty Strawberry Margarita Dessert

By Mary Leonard
Tequila and triple sec in this one... NOT kid friendly, lol, this one is for the...
Duck & Beans Recipe

Duck & Beans

By Sherri Williams
If you like Pork & Beans, you will absolutely love my Duck & Beans. ...
Margarita Balls Recipe

Margarita Balls

By Melissa Williamson
My family and friends loves them and I make them on Christmas and New Year's Eve...
Tequila Christmas Cake Recipe

Tequila Christmas Cake

By Jan W
Pretty self-explanatory...if you read it through, you'll know what you get at the end of your...
Shark Attack Recipe

Shark Attack

By Brandy Bender
Found this in a magazine.
Salted Caramel Recipe

Salted Caramel

By Brandy Bender
Sounds interesting!
Daddy's Crawling On The Floor Margarita Mix Recipe

Daddy's Crawling on the Floor Margarita Mix

By Ashley Ramsey
My father, Jeff Baker, and his friend "Cactus" have worked for years experimenting with various concoctions...
Margarita Jelly (& Jelly Canning Picture-tutorial) Recipe

Margarita Jelly (& jelly canning picture-tutorial)

By Kathleen Hagood
Last Christmas, my children and their families all met in Fredericksburg, TX. One of our favorite...
Tranquillo Recipe


By Tess Geer
This delicious drink is served at Firefly, a Kimpton restaurant, in Washington DC. It's one of...
Margarita Cupcakes Recipe

Margarita Cupcakes

By Courtney Bailey
I LOVE to host a great girls night out! That's part of the reason I became...
Bloody Bbq Shrimp Mama Mia Recipe

Bloody BBQ Shrimp Mama Mia

By Sherri Williams
Looking for another show stopper of a cocktail. Look no further. This is my...
Mexican Chorizo Recipe

Mexican Chorizo

By steven sellards
This is from the book "charcuteri" by Ruhlman. He is a super chef & good friend...
Pineapple And Rum Ice Cream Recipe

Pineapple and Rum Ice Cream

By Robin DuPree
This is my own version of Pineapple Ice Cream, and I must say that it tastes...
Watermelon Señorita Slices Recipe

Watermelon Señorita Slices

By Sherri Williams
Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruits. I've dressed this up with grown-up spirits....
Jen's Sunset Cooler Recipe

Jen's Sunset Cooler

By Jen Smallwood
a light, refreshing grapefruit drink.... Recipe Source: mine... over the years of playing with it...
Taquila Wafer Cake 4 One Recipe

Taquila Wafer Cake 4 One

By Areatha Daniels
This is a Wafer Cake that i modified for 2. One to eat, and one...
Lemon Sherbet Margarita Recipe

Lemon Sherbet Margarita

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Its Margarita night once a month with my family and friends. We make a different margarita...
Hawaiian Sunrise Cocktail For One Recipe

Hawaiian Sunrise Cocktail for One

By Donna Graffagnino
I've seen several variations of this drink, but as far as I'm concerned this one is...
Mexican Tequila Cheesecake/torta De Quesocrema Recipe

Mexican Tequila Cheesecake/Torta de Quesocrema

By Juliann Esquivel
I dedicate this to my Aunt Eve. She was an incredible baker. Her pastries, cakes, pies,...
Spring Hill Ranch's Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Spring Hill Ranch's Paloma Cocktail

By Wiley P
Nobody seems to know the origin of the Paloma (Spanish for "dove"). The recipe was first...