#Tasty Recipes

Frittata Salad Dinner

By Didi Dalaba
Sometimes you don't want to be "that busy" in the kitchen ya know...

7 layer dip

By shirley hall-ramsey
our hometown of sevierville, tn, has a favorite recipe contest every year and the winners are...

Sunshine Cheesecake Bars

By Didi Dalaba
This amazingly easy recipe was given to me by one of patients many years ago. ...

Cod Corn Fritters w/ garlic white sauce

By Didi Dalaba
This recipe is my twist/take on an old family favorite. ***Warning*** the white garlic sauce...

Connie's Salsa

By concepcion ocasio
I love salsa and I'm always trying new things. This salsa is a bit spicy but...

Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole

By Denise Miles
My husband actualy found this recipe, but I decided it needed something extra to pep,it up!

Jan Hagel Cookies

By Carrie Halliday
My mom made these every year when I was growing up, the memories of her baking...

Caprese Spinach Pasta salad

By Glenda Moore
I ate this for a late afternoon Lunch and thought it was very good. I love...

Glory Hole Cabbage Soup

By Pam Ellingson
This recipe came from a restaurant in Helena, Montana. There are lots of old gold mines...

Steak Sandwiches with Arugula/Walnut Pesto

By Didi Dalaba
Hubby wanted steak, kids wanted sandwiches w/ mommy's homemade bread... I compromised and gave them both!! I...

Cranberry Cookie Strudel

By Didi Dalaba
This recipe reminds me of Autumn, upcoming holiday's and the aroma's of baking at home. I dedicate...

Inside Out Brauten

By Didi Dalaba
This is a recipe I created for the Ninja Chopped challenge using packged coleslaw, cauliflower and...

Traditional Moussaka

By Didi Dalaba
I was literally brought up on this dish!! I can remember having this dish at...

Didi's Baklava Bars

By Didi Dalaba
This is my adoption of an amazing original recipe from the BC website! I made...

Blueberry-White Chocolate Chip - Pecan Muffins

By Barbara Gossett
The cooking time is actually 23 - 28 min depending on the size of the muffins. Dried...

Flakey Apple Pie

By Denise Miles
Who Doesn't LOVE AN Apple Pie? This is too simple! Never work harder than...

Buffalo Chicken Wings

By Telisia Dodd
These Wings are good for a football party.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

By maria maxey
Nice Desert/ snack to enjoy between or after meals

Orange Angel Food Cake

By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
A Dear Friend called to see if i might be able to bake for a bake...

7-UP Biscuits

By Debbie Guardino
I made these for the first time about a week ago..I made a double batch and...

Easiest Gravy Ever!

By Lillian Russo
I love this gravy because its so quick and easy to make...and it can be made...

HerbsN'Cheese Spread - Joyce's Recipe Shared

By Beth M.
This is so tasty on crackers,or fresh raw veggies, it is addictive! You will get requests for...

Acorn Bites

By Lillian Russo
I found this recipe on the Internet and thought it was perfect for Thanksgiving! I tried...

YUMMY NEW England brown bread?????

By maria maxey
Me and sister loved all our country breads.But lately i had to find my old recipe...
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