#Tasty Recipes

10 Minute Microwave Peanut Brittle

By Rose Mary Mogan
This is one of many items that I am making for a Reunion. I chose this...

15 Spice Oven Roasted Pork Butt W Onion & Fruit

By Rose Mary Mogan
This was my main entree for dinner on yesterday. I was going for the fruity flavors...


By Rose Mary Mogan
I made this dish for my daughter Briana and her boyfriend, on yesterday. When they paid...

3 Cheese Stuffed Ranch Burgers

By Rose Mary Mogan
I finally perfected this recipe to my satisfaction. They are tasty, thick, juicy, flavorful, cheesy &...

4 Minute Mashed Potatoes

By Rose Mary Mogan
In a hurry or just don't feel like cooking like I felt today. I tried something...

5 Cheese Russet Potato Casserole

By Rose Mary Mogan
I created this recipe to go with my Spiral Ham Dinner a few days ago. I...

6 Flavor Pecan Nut Glazed Pound Cake

By Rose Mary Mogan
This is one of the dessert additions I made for our 2013 Family Reunion in North...

7 - Layer Dump Cake

By Rose Mary Mogan
This is a quick ,easy & simple dessert for unexpected company. It is one of 795 recipes...

7 layer dip

By shirley hall-ramsey
our hometown of sevierville, tn, has a favorite recipe contest every year and the winners are...


By Rose Mary Mogan
The way to go with this recipe is LOW & SLOW. I seasoned this meat with...

7-UP Biscuits

By Debbie Guardino
I made these for the first time about a week ago..I made a double batch and...

7-Up Pound Cake w/ Butter Glaze by Rose

By Rose Mary Mogan
This is one of 25 dessert items being featured at a reunion where I AM HAVING...

Acorn Bites

By Lillian Russo
I found this recipe on the Internet and thought it was perfect for Thanksgiving! I tried...


By Rose Mary Mogan
This recipe was created today out of my desire to use left over taffy apples that...

All But Kitchen Sink Stuffing by Lady Rose

By Rose Mary Mogan
When I was a kid growing up in rural Arkansas, my mother had the ability to...

Almond Butter Glazed Cream Cheese Pound Cake

By Rose Mary Mogan
This great tasting cake is a variation from my standard Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe. I...

Amaretto Cheesecake

By Rick Long
My love of making cheesecake began in the mid 90's. This one quickly became a favorite one...

Andes Mint Chunk Irish Oatmeal Cookies

By Rose Mary Mogan
The original version of this recipe comes from the cookbook THE IRISH SPIRIT, by Margaret M...


By Ellen Bales
A very, very simple recipe I found on a pasta box that has got to be...

Any Flavor Butter Cream Frosting

By Rose Mary Mogan
I posted this recipe with my CHRISTmas 7 Up Marbled Peppermint Layer Cake, but then I...

Apple Cobbler A La Rose Mary

By Rose Mary Mogan
For a change instead of my husband asking me to make an Apple Pie, he asked...

Apple Raisin & Pecan Cobbler W/Splenda

By Rose Mary Mogan
The original recipe for this recipe came from an old cookbook of 1974 called Mountain Measures,...

Applesauce Banana Muffins

By Carolynne Grogan
These muffins are good for breakfast with a cup coffee or any time. They are...

Apricot Chicken

By Rose Mary Mogan
This easy chicken recipe was submitted to me for my cookbook by a lady in...
Simple Glazed Ham Recipes

Simple Glazed Ham Recipes

Know how to up your baked ham game during the holidays? Glaze it! Glazes are made with simple ingredients and they add tons of flavor to baked ham. Just whisk a few ingredients together and baste the ham with it while it bakes. The glaze caramelizes on the ham and infuses its flavor into the […]

25 Dishes To Make in April

25 Dishes To Make in April

Technically spring has arrived. But, depending on what part of the country you’re in, the weather may not be cooperating. So, we’re sharing comfort food recipes because we know those are good year-round. But, you’ll also see fresh finds since farmer’s markets are starting to burst with goodies. If you’re sick of trying to figure […]

12 Lovely Coffee Cake Recipes

12 Lovely Coffee Cake Recipes

Perfect with your morning coffee or as a treat after dinner, coffee cakes are one of our favorite indulgences. Sweet, heavenly, and full of flavor, coffee cakes are a great go-to for family get-togethers or a random Sunday. Grab a slice and get ready to enjoy!