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    By Blondie Pussycat
    I got this recipe 20+ yrs or so ago. It was presented on one of...

    Pasta to suit Indian Taste

    By Ruma Chak
    This is a common pasta recipe that is being cooked by Indian moms for their kids...

    TOASTED PECAN HALVES - A great taste

    By Jewel Hall
    Toasted Pecan can be served by themselves in a dish or stored for later use. I...

    A taste of heaven brownies

    By Mary McNamee
    Everyone loves these heavenly delights they will disappear very quickly!

    Taste of Heaven

    By raine justmesugar
    grew up with this in Germany one of my favorites

    My Meat-Lover's Taste of Italy Spaghetti Sauce

    By Kelly Williams
    Thick, rich, meaty sauce loaded with the flavors of Italy! I finally wrote it down as...

    Taste alot like Chick fil a chicken

    By Scott Conlen
    To me and my friends it tastes alot like a chick fil a sandwich

    It Tastes Like Chicken Pot Pie

    By Kimi Gaines
    Creating in my Kitchen again. I told my husband it's like these ideas come out...

    A Taste of Tuscany Soup

    By KATE P
    I was in the mood for a Minestrone-type soup today, and had a few things to...

    TASTE N' SEE CHILI SAUCE (canning home-made)

    By Patricia D Page
    This is a relish which has been enjoyed as it made it's colorful presence on the...
    14 Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

    14 Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

    Making Mom breakfast in bed has never been easier! These easy breakfast recipes are beginner-cook friendly, so anyone can make them. As long as you can mix ingredients and turn the oven on, you can make these recipes. Make Mother’s Day the day she deserves by treating her to a delicious breakfast.

    8 Fun & Flavorful Margarita Recipes

    8 Fun & Flavorful Margarita Recipes

    Guacamole and chips just taste a little better with a margarita. Sitting on the back patio on a warm day is a tad more relaxing sipping on a frozen margarita. They are traditionally made with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. One reason we love margaritas, though, is you can adjust ingredients to suit your […]

    Recipes for a Special Sunday Brunch

    Recipes for a Special Sunday Brunch

    Brunch is one of my favorite things. I love to meet friends at our favorite restaurant and catch up over a meal and mimosas. But, heading to my favorite restaurant takes a little more planning these days. Thankfully, hosting brunch at home is easy and just as tasty. Omelets are a delicious brunch option but […]