#Taste Recipes

3,2,1 Cake Recipe

3,2,1 Cake

By Robbie Land
This is a great small treat that taste great!!! Also, great for a cool winter night....
Spanish Bean Soup Recipe

Spanish Bean Soup

By susan queck
This is a favorite for everyone in Tampa FL served at the famous Columbia Restaurant. So...
Duarte #3p.p.p. ( Pistachio&pineapple &pie So Ea. Recipe

DUARTE #3P.P.P. ( Pistachio&Pineapple &Pie So ea.

By maria maxey
Very proud of our youngest brother.great chef,so he now is teaching his little ones how to...
Mom's Portugueses Cacoula Recipe

MOM'S Portugueses cacoula

By maria maxey
Great old recipe.Mom use marinateing with those great spices.And the aroma of everything cooking .ITS...
Taste Like Lemon Chicken Recipe

Taste Like "Lemon" Chicken

By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
This is one of my favorite dishes to make for dinner. It's fast. It's easy. It's...
Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken Wings

By gloria riley
Pucker up, these wings will make you salavate. Everytime theres a family gathering or Friend...
Angel Hair Spagetti And Garbanzo Recipe

Angel Hair Spagetti and Garbanzo

By Cora Warner
A Different kind of Spaghetti. I made this on Saturday March 9,2013. My Husband and I...
Bolonese Sauce Recipe

Bolonese sauce

By Sylvia Mangelsen
I do most of the seasoning by taste so if it seems a little off let...