#Tamale Recipes

Feliciano Tamale Casserole

Feliciano Tamale Casserole

By Susan Feliciano
Another recipe born by my desire to make things quicker in a casserole, as opposed to...
Borrowed A Picture Of Tamal En Cazuela That Looks Very Similar To Mine When Finished. As Soon As I Have My Own, I Will Upload It.

Abuela's Tamal en Cazuela - Grandma's Tamale Casserole

By Jennie Pagano
Growing up I absolutely loved my Cuban grandmother's tamal en cazuela, I couldn't wait for it...
It Taste Between A Tamale And Enchilada

Mexican Chicken Enchilada Casserole

By Sue Van Cleave
This casserole tastes between a Tamale and an Enchilada. This is a tasty casserole and its...
Throw Together Tamale Pie

Throw together Tamale Pie

By Gina Collier
I wanted to make something that tasted like Tamales because I don't have the time to...
Tamale Dip

Tamale Dip

By Gail Welch
This would be great for the fall and winter months.
Chicken Tamale Pie

Chicken Tamale Pie

By Cherie Szilvagyi
If you are always looking for a good, easy recipe to serve for dinner. This...
Tom Visser With Granddaughter Lilly

Tom's Tamale Pie

By Diane Schmidt
This recipe was given to me by Tom Visser, my pastor, my friend, my mentor, my...
Internet Picture -- Looks More Like This One Than The Other Because Of The Bottom Layer Of Corn Meal Mush -- Doesn't It Look Good?!

Pronto Tamale Pie

By Marcia McCance
A recipe from the 70's... easy to make, tasty, cheap, and very filling. And did I...
Hot Tamale Cast Iron Casserole

Hot Tamale Cast Iron Casserole

By Michaela Boers
The taste of hot chicken tamales in a cast iron skillet!
Tamale Pie. The Same Great Taste As A Rolled, Steamed Tamale In The Convenience Of A Casserole!

Tamale Pie

By Kitchen Dreaming
I love tamales! We've made regular "authentic" tamales at home, hand rolling each one individually into...
Tamale Pie. The Same Great Taste As A Rolled, Steamed Tamale In The Convenience Of A Casserole!

Green chili and chicken mock tamale pie

By Leslye Janes
Lost for ideas and not much in the house, I had to depend upon my culinary...
Big Earl's My Momma's Hot Tamales

Big Earl's "My Momma's" Hot Tamales

By Earl Williams
I remember from early childhood that my momma would often make her version of hot tamales...
Chicken And Corn Tamale Pies

Chicken and Corn Tamale Pies

By Tammy Raynes
This is a contemporary and fresh-tasting version of tamale pie. I use boneless chicken breasts instead...
~ Spicy Tamale Casserole ~

~ Spicy Tamale Casserole ~

By Cassie *
A recipe given to me years ago, that I've doctored up to suit my family. Make...
Green Chili Tamale Casserole

Green Chili "Tamale" Casserole

By Kathy M
It's Hatch chili time here and I was mulling over what to do with some of...
Beef Chimichangas

Beef Chimichangas

By Amy Herald
Fun Fact: The term, chimichanga, was long considrerd a nonsense word-a Mexican version of “whatchamacallit” or...