#Tailgating Recipes

Grilled Cream Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrap Chicken Recipe

Grilled Cream Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrap Chicken

By JILL McEachern
A friend gave me this recipe last week. They're really quick and easy to make. I...
Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders Recipe

Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders

By Rhonda Gibson
These delicious little delights are great for a picnic, a party, a main dish or just...
Layered Chicken Nacho Dip Recipe

Layered Chicken Nacho Dip

By Ashley Gunderson
I created this on a Sunday to have for the Chicago Bears game. I just...
Jalapeno Wraps Recipe

Jalapeno wraps

By Stephanie Baker
I fix these for a number of ocassions and even just for myself. They are...
Mexican Salad Recipe

Mexican Salad

By Stephanie Baker
This has been handed down to me so Im not sure where it originated. If...
Redzone Bites Recipe

Redzone Bites

By Didi Dalaba
These little bites are just the best party food... Their savory and delicious with just the right...
2012 Touchdown Brisket Chili Recipe


By Sandi Sheppard
I try to improve my chili recipes each year, and this one did not disappoint! Everyone...
Chipotle Pork & Corn Chili Verde Recipe

Chipotle Pork & Corn Chili Verde

By Sandi Sheppard
I wanted to created a totally different kind of chili than my family was used to...
Bat Wings Recipe


By jamie Beecham
I found this recipe in a holiday cooking magazine. It was intended for a Halloween...
Kick Off Con Queso-annette's Recipe

Kick Off Con Queso-Annette's

By Annette W.
Who doesn't love a good Cheese dip? I know I do. We also love our Cornhuskers...
Jamie's Chorizo Sausage Poppers Recipe

Jamie's Chorizo Sausage Poppers

By jamie Beecham
These poppers make a great dish for snacking while watching the game on tv or tailgate...
Marvelous Mobile Muffaletta Recipe

Marvelous Mobile Muffaletta

By Kimberly Tippett
As this gets better the longer it sits, it's a great sandwich for tailgating, picnics or...
Our Favorite Garlic Parm Wings Recipe

Our Favorite Garlic Parm Wings

By Michelle Wolf
Hot wings are so common, yet this recipe really stands out for our family. We love...
Sweet & Sassy Wing Sauce Recipe

Sweet & Sassy Wing Sauce

By Staci Cakes
For years I've been eating my fried chicken with honey and hot sauce. One day it...
Buffalo Style Chicken And Rice Soup Recipe

Buffalo Style Chicken and Rice Soup

By Julie Penman
This healthy and hearty soup combines the same great flavors of Frank's brand hot wings served...
Spicy Italian Cheese Ball Recipe


By Michael Hall
Great for folks that like Zing in their appetizers. I like to take this to...
Wow- Homemade Italian Beef Recipe

Wow- Homemade Italian Beef

By Betsy Wolfe
Technically this is also a "Dip" because I serve it with the jus. You have...
Chicken Ball Recipe

Chicken Ball

By JILL McEachern
Family, friend and co-worker will love this appetizer.
Bacon Wrapped Chicken With Applebutter Bbq Sauce Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Applebutter BBQ Sauce

By Tammy Brownlow
Game Time! These boneless wings will be a hit at your next tailgate. Cooked...
Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Easy Deviled Eggs

By JILL McEachern
If you need a quick and easy side dish for a party or for dinner, then...
Grilled Beef Spare Ribs Recipe

Grilled Beef Spare Ribs

By JILL McEachern
This is my boyfriends recipe. These ribs are so good and tender. They melt in you're...
Grilled Amberjack Recipe

Grilled Amberjack

By JILL McEachern
This is my boyfriends recipe. We go deep sea fishing once or twice a year in...
Fried Mustard Chicken Tenders Recipe

Fried Mustard Chicken Tenders

By JILL McEachern
Tonight I finally tried a recipe that my co-worker was telling me about "Fried Mustard Chicken"....
Crockpot Barbecue Short Beef Ribs Recipe

Crockpot Barbecue Short Beef Ribs

By JILL McEachern
We love short beef ribs. This recipe is very simple and easy and the barbecue sauce...