#Tabasco Recipes

Bacon Jam Spread Recipe

Bacon Jam Spread

By nellie rickey
I promise you that this is not as odd as you might think... and once you...
Ali's Short Ribs, Korean Style Recipe

Ali's Short Ribs, Korean Style

By ali Bresnahan
good local Hawaii recipe.
Zesty Liver Pate Recipe

Zesty Liver Pate

By Melissa Williamson
My husband loves it and I make him some with crackers. It is so easy to...
Island Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Island Pork Tenderloin

By Kim Biegacki
Wow, I am so excited!!! I finally conquered the "pork tenderloin" tonight for dinner. I have...
Ash Wednesday Tuna Salad Plate Recipe

Ash Wednesday Tuna Salad Plate

By Mary Duncan
I had leftover salads my friend Christine brought over. Since it was Ash Wednesday I had...
Tabasco Butter Wings Recipe

Tabasco Butter Wings

By Desiree Taimanglo-Ventura
A fairly simple wing recipe that worked out well for a wing-novice like me. I...
Barbeque Chili Mac, Iris's Recipe

Barbeque Chili Mac, Iris's

By iris mccall
This is warmth and comfort on a cold day. My boys and I settle in with...
Homemade (made From Scratch) Spanish Rice-a-roni Recipe

Homemade (Made from Scratch) Spanish "Rice-A-Roni"

By Robyn Bruce
When I was a kid, Rice-a-Roni had just made its way to the market shelves and...