#Supper Recipes

Amercian Style Cuban Sandwich

By Patti Rahilly- Jones
This is a nice quick supper sandwich. I also do this for appetizers, slicing into 1"...

Quick Tomato Aspic-with Shrimp

By Beth M.
At a church buffet luncheon,this was served by a friend, Jo-Ann, and I loved it. Every...


By Beth M.
Picture a Brioche, sliced and toasted lightly on the inside, add creamy dill sauce, Boston lettuce,...

Salsa Meatloaf

By Skipper 12
A decade ago I had planned to make meatloaf for dinner and realized that no ketchup...


By Brenda Watts
My family and I feel blessed to live in a sweet community that is known for...


By Loretta Jasper

Meatless Biscuits and Gravy

By Jackie Brothers
My Mother-in-Law was known for her delicious biscuits which she still made in the wooden boat...

Lemon Pepper Panko Crusted Fish

By Patti Jagodzinski
I came across lemon pepper Panko crumbs in the store, thinking hmmm, what can I do...

Harvest Apple french toast

By Marcia Lesman
I used to make this for my son for supper sometimes. I would serve it with...

Sunday Supper Beans, Cheese & Chips

By Catherine Thompson Floyd
My Mom would put this together for a super quick, satisfying meal. Now I fix it...

Chicken Casserole

By mary Armstrong
Quick and easy for those busy weeknight meals.


By mary Armstrong
This is a small batch, enough for a bread pan.

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Squares

By mary Armstrong
This reminds me of a quiche. It can be served as the entree or as appetizers....

Spring Salad

By Peggy C
.. please note: this is just a guide.. to me, that is what a recipe is....

Tastes Like A Hamburger Pie

By Pam Charters
This tastes just like a Diner burger so good

Mom's Creamy Chicken Pie, 1940's Recipe

By Family Favorites
I know that there are a bunch of recipes for chicken pot pie, but I found...

Southern Fried Liver 'n' Onions

By Elaine Bovender
My husband and I have always loved liver and onions. My mom and my grandma told...

Honey Molasses Light Rye Bread For A KitchenAid

By Family Favorites
This is a wonderful recipe for an everyday rye sandwich bread. The crumb is perfect. It's...

Swiss Chicken Bake

By Kyra R.
I can't even remember where this recipe originated. I know it's been in my meal...

Crusty, Crispy Pizza Dough For A KitchenAid Mixer

By Family Favorites
If you like a nice crispy pizza dough, this is your recipe. This was included in...

Feather Light White Onion Dill Bread

By Family Favorites
I stumbled upon this recipe in one of my mom's church cookbooks from the 60's. I...

Vegetable Beef Soup from Leftovers

By Elaine Bovender
When I was growing up my mom would try to have a nice dinner on Sundays....


By BonniE !
This is an old fashioned chicken and dumpling recipe from the western part of the United...

Cool & Refreshing Orange Pineapple Jello Dessert

By Elaine Bovender
This is a very simple to make, light and refreshing dessert. It's great for summer...
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