#Steak Recipes

Bill's Hamburger Steak Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^ .
My husband loves this hamburger steak. It was his idea for me to post it....
Marinated & Grilled Rib Eyes Recipe

Marinated & Grilled Rib Eyes

By Dene Mitzel
This is a simple, but delicious recipe. It's the one my mom always used when we...
Steak & Sausage Kabobs Recipe

Steak & Sausage Kabobs

By Lynn Socko
The marinade enhanced every single item we cooked. It was truly the best grilled food...
Steak Fajitas Recipe

Steak Fajitas

By Treva Orange
We love Mexican food, and this is an absolute favorite. I have also made it...
Rustic Stewed Cube Steak Over Rice Or Pasta Recipe

Rustic Stewed Cube Steak over rice or pasta

By Lynn Socko
Never know what to do with Cube Steak except make Chicken Fried Steak, so this is...
Steak And Vegetables Over Rice Recipe

Steak and Vegetables over Rice

By Pat Duran
Recipe tweaked by me from Taste of Home.
Steak With Red Bell Peppers And Beef Consumme Au Jus Recipe

Steak with Red Bell Peppers and Beef Consumme Au Jus

By Greta Twist
Basically, we went to the store and decided on the fly to make an epic meal....
Bistro-style Beef Steak Hoagie Recipe

Bistro-Style Beef Steak Hoagie

By Kelly Williams
A quick and easy steak sandwich that's perfect for summertime picnics to fall football games! You...
Flank Steak,rolled & Stuffed..a Stove Top Recipe

FLANK STEAK,ROLLED & STUFFED..a stove top recipe

By Nancy J. Patrykus
This is my first attempt to make & cook a rolled flank steak. Having purchased a...
Garlic Butter Rib Eye Steaks By Freda Recipe

Garlic Butter Rib Eye Steaks By Freda

After Reading Another Steak Recipe I was Inspired to Add My Take on our BBQ steaks...
Rich And Savory Swiss Steak Recipe

Rich and Savory Swiss Steak

By Melissa Turner
I have amp'd up the flavor from the classic tomato and onion recipe we are all...
Creole Smothered Steak Recipe

Creole Smothered Steak

By Tami Conklin
Crockpot: This recipe also does well in a slow cooker when using round steak. Cut into...
Steak Merlot Recipe

Steak Merlot

By Lou Kostura
Easy Prep and quick week night meal. Garlic mashed potato's goes well with this.
Connie's Swiss Steak Recipe

Connie's Swiss Steak

By Connie Ottman
Messin' in the kitchen and came up with this recipe. It's a great make-ahead dish....
Cube Steak & Gravy Recipe

Cube Steak & Gravy

By Carey Bonnin
Slow Cooker or Oven set at 250.
Deconstructed Philly Cheese Steak Recipe

Deconstructed Philly Cheese Steak

By Kathy Figgis
To my knowledge, a deconstructed recipe is one that has been broken down into it’s simplest...
Crock Pot Beef Stoganoff Recipe

Crock Pot Beef Stoganoff

By Nor Mac
I make this quite a bit during the cooler months. It is easy to make and...
Philly Cheese Steak Quesadilla Recipe

Philly Cheese Steak Quesadilla

By Diane Atherton
We found some beef steaks today labeled "Chicken Steak". We had never seen it before. The...
Grilled Steak Tips By Noreen Recipe

Grilled Steak Tips By Noreen

By Nor Mac
I love steak tips. I especially love them marinated then grilled. I came up with this...
~ Succulent  Asian Grilled Sirloins ~ Recipe

~ Succulent Asian Grilled Sirloins ~

By Cassie *
I love throwing marinades together with what I have in my pantry. This one turned out...
The Only Salisbury Steak Recipe

"The Only" Salisbury Steak

By Gina Davis
This is the name she put on this Recipe this morning! I FINALLY got my hands...
Italian Cheese Steak Pizza Recipe

Italian Cheese Steak Pizza

By Gina Davis
PIZZA NIGHT!!! And is this one AWESOME! Super FAST and EASY if you use a...
Fabulous Steak Marinade Recipe

Fabulous Steak Marinade

By Leah Stacey
I went hunting to find a great steak marinade one day and came across this one....
Cheap Hamburger Steak Recipe

Cheap hamburger steak

By Angela Peters
Just yummy!!!!! and so cheap...you dont have to tell them its not steak, they will never...