#Starter Recipes

Uncle Bud's Sourdough Starter Recipe

Uncle Bud's Sourdough Starter

By JoSele Swopes
This is such an easy recipe to use, to make sourdough breads biscuits, pancakes, and a...
Deb's Sourdough Starter Recipe

Deb's Sourdough Starter

By deb baldwin
My bread section has mostly sourdough this or sourdough that. I do like my sourdough pancakes, ...
Tapenade Spread Recipe

Tapenade Spread

By Karl Strasser
I had some ingredients I had to use up so I made this tapenade. I love it...
Sourdough And Sourdough Starter Recipe

Sourdough and Sourdough Starter

By Ashley Lemon
In my opinion I think sourdough gets a bad rap. It can be an intimidating bread...
Easy Sourdough Starter Recipe

Easy Sourdough Starter

By Megan Todd
Let's face it... bread is a major staple in most households. Most of us go to...
Gluten Free Friendship Bread & Starter Recipe

Gluten Free Friendship Bread & Starter Recipe

By Megan Todd
Friendship bread is a long tradition of making a "starter" from yeast, flour, sugar, & milk,...
Cheli's Sourdough Starter Recipe

Cheli's Sourdough Starter

By chris elizondo
Sourdough has been around forever. There are starters that go back literally hundreds of years and...
Friendship Bread Starter Recipe

Friendship Bread Starter

By chris elizondo
Friendship bread starter is commonly labeled as "Amish" however no records exist saying it actually started...
Bourbon Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Bourbon Smoked Salmon Dip

By Sherri Williams
Bar-none the best smoked salmon dip I've ever made or had! Cooking with Love &...
Rillettes Of Salmon Recipe

Rillettes of Salmon

By Andy Anderson !
Okay, it's the big day... Thanksgiving (or fill in your own favorite holiday), and the turkey's...
Southwest Corn Chowder Recipe

Southwest Corn Chowder

By Karl Strasser
A frend of mine was the owner of Tucson's Southwest Grill.I helped him put his menu...