#Sprinkles Recipes

Brownie Ice Cream Torte

By Jessica Kolb
Use your favorite flavor of ice cream or a combination of ice creams to make this...

The Grandest Donuts

By Jan W
The cost of donuts at the bakery or supermarket is out of sight, & sometimes they...

Melting Snowman Cookies

By Angela Gray
I think these are the cutest cookies I have ever seen ! You can make your...

Petits Fours Christmas Presents

By Lisa Johnson
My family and friends loves it and they wanted me to gathering them again this year....

Cake Batter Bark

By Hope Vaillancourt
The secret ingredient here? it’s a spoonful of actual cake mix. All you must do is...

Cake Batter Pancakes

By Hope Vaillancourt
perfect for a birthday breakfast or any given day! recipe & photo from: howsweeteats.com

Yellow Double Layer Chocolate Cake

By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
Today is my sisters Birthday. She loves chocolate of any kind but she bought the yellow...

Yellow Cake and Brownie Topped Cupcakes

By Tiffany Young
My boys and I made these tonight. Nolan, being 10, helped with most. Jordan, being 6,...

Microwave Cake Batter Fudge

By Kelli Thomas
Super easy and so delicious! Note: the recipe as is fits a 6 x 6 container-...

Rainbow Pancakes

By Dee Opatz
I make these for my grandkids every time they come to "Camp Grandma" for the weekend.

Cake Pop Flower Bouquet

By Ashley Burnam
I made this for my mom on her birthday this year. It came to me because...


By Whitney Froehlich
By no means am I a fudge maker. I just can't help but share this recipe....

Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats

By Wendy Matis
You will never make regular rice krispy treats again!

Milk & White Choco Chip Cake Batter Cookies

By Whitney Froehlich
Yes, I origainally found this recipe on another site. However, I've made them about 10x better!...

Brigadeiro (Brazilian Chocolate Bonbon/Truffle)

By Amber Mmm
Most people who know this treat, will think of Brazilian children's birthday parties. I like...

Birthday Cake Cookies

By Adrienne May
A neat birthday gift! Cookies that taste like cake batter!

Bubble Gum Sugar Cookies

By Adrienne May
Just in time for Valentine's Day! These chewy pink cookies are so much fun and...

Authentic Fairy Bread - Hagelslag

By Carolyn Haas
Fairy bread is what Australians call buttered bread full of sprinkles, usually served at a kids'...
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