#Southwestern Recipes

Southwestern Green Chile Cheese Bread

By Reta Smith
This is worth the trouble. It is most flavorful and the taste and aroma is...

Corn Salsa

By Helene Mulvihill
A Big hit for parties and a nice change from tomato salsa. Got this recipe from...

Thick and Hearty Southwestern Beef Stew

By Kelly Williams
Thick, rich and hearty beef stew that is anything BUT bland, if you know what I...

My Triple Cook-Off Winning Chili

By Kelly Williams
I used to love to participate in chili cook-offs, sooo much fun! But haven't done one...

Hacienda-Style Chicken Fettuccini Fernando

By Kelly Williams
I LOVED this dish that a local Mexican restaurant back in Indiana called the "Hacienda" used...

Southwest Mac & Cheese

By Debbie Gurley
A rich, warm comfort food that kids and grandchildren love.

Southwestern Taco Stuffed Peppers

By Kelly Williams
I love stuffed peppers, but always trying to mix things up a little, I sometimes make...

Southwestern Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake

By Sandy Williams
I got this recipe a few years back from a friend. My Grand kids love this....

South Western Hash/Stir fry

By Betty Perrie
I had this 1st time when I was only 13. It has stuck in my head...


By sallye bates
My take on Wick Fowler Chili Mix, only better. Nothing fancy, just super good chili.

Mexican BLT

By Anthony Nicometi Jr
I JUST made this for dinner! and O...M....G So damn good! Its amazing the thing you...

White Chicken Chili

By C C
This is basically Beth McDaniels's blue ribbon White Bean Chili, with my family's tweaks. This...

Tex Mex Omelet Cups

By Elin Criswell
Saw this recipe online and tweaked it to my liking. NOTE: This recipe can be easily...

Southwestern Meat Filling (or on own)

By Theresa K
I pulled this together tonight. On the bottom were crushed tortilla chips and then crushed...

Bacon-Guacamole Deviled Eggs

By Wiley P
I just love deviled eggs and have over 30 different types in my book. This is...

Mexican Street Corn

By Wiley P
Here's a great side dish to go along with your grilled New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburgers...

New Mexico Style Enchiladas

By Wiley P
New Mexico, home of the finest chiles in the world, is also home of a unique...

Spring Hill Ranch's New Mexico Green Chile Sauce

By Wiley P
Here's half of New Mexico's State Question - "Red or Green?" Ladle it on or under...

Spring Hill Ranch's New Mexico Red Chile Sauce

By Wiley P
Here's the "red" half of the New Mexico State Question, "Red or Green?" As is usual,...

Spring Hill Ranch Southwestern Seasoning

By Wiley P
Here's our all-purpose Southwestern seasoning for tacos, burritos, just about everything. It's great on burgers, too...

Spring Hill Ranch's Southwestern Shredded Beef

By Wiley P
Shredded meats are a staple in Southwestern cooking. When we're in need of a pile of...

Spring Hill Ranch's Green Chile Country Gravy

By Wiley P
Here's a Southwestern version of the South's (and Texas') gravy for country fried (or chicken fried)...

Spring Hill Ranch's Huevos Rancheros Tradicional

By Wiley P
Huevos rancheros are a New Mexican tradition. Many versions of this wonderful breakfast dish include cheese,...

Spring Hill Ranch's Huevos Rancheros Especial

By Wiley P
No matter the season, a hearty breakfast of huevos rancheros complete with a bunch of toppings...
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