Quick & Easy American Other Soup Recipes

Eileens Green Split Pea Soup

By Eileen Hineline
Autumn time was always the time my mom would make many soups for dinner and serve...

State Champion Chili Made Easy

By Martha Ray Deen
This chili has the makings of a champion, but it's so simple! You can modify the...

Hot Doggity Dog Soup

By Shelly Saxell
A family favorite in my home for years. My three sons think this is wonderful....

Butternut Squash Soup

By Julie Jarrell Bailey
This is a family favorite in my house. Even my pickiest eater loves this soup!

DIY onion soup mix

By Candi Hummer
Another $ saver, which is great since I use this quite a bit in my kitchen!!

Mom's Cream Of Potato Soup With Bacon

By Karla Everett
I just love this potato soup recipe , my Mom taught me how to make this...

Pam's Broccoli, Beer and Cheese Soup (BBC soup)

By Pam Ellingson
Was testing out some new soups and combined a couple that sounded good. Hubby likes a...

Navy Bean And Ham Soup (in a crock-pot)

By Karla Everett
I just love this bean soup recipe , my mom taught me how to make this...

Stock VS. Broth

By Karla Everett
Alot of people were asking what the difference between Stock and Broth and a fellow member...

Lotsa Cabbage Soup

By Beth M.
Ten years ago I cut out an article in the Good Housekeeping Magazine, about All You...


By Tracy Stephan
When you are in the mood for an easy to make soup that the whole family...

potato leek soup

By linda lu
This soup is one of my very favorites to make. Easy, economical, versitile and very forgiving....

Creamy Loaded Potato Chowder

By Robin Grover
I took several ideas from different recipes I found, and added some of my own magic...

My Delicious Baked Potato and Bacon Soup

By Norma DeRemer
Can you believe this soup has only 235 calories with 7 grams of fat. Believe it...

Our Favorite Lemon Orzo Soup

By Rose Mary Mogan
I had this soup for the first time from a local restaurant, & liked it so...

Super Easy Tomato Soup

By Hope Whitmore
I love tomato soup anytime of the year, but especially in the fall, when the cool...

Cheeseburger Soup

By Pat Duran
This is a very nice cheeseburger soup with the touch of bacon to give it that...

Thick and Easy Zucchini Soup

By Michelle Waco
This is my spin on a quick, easy, healthy version of zucchini soup a friend of...

Creamy Potato and Ham Soup

By Stacy Johnston
This is an excellent recipe to use with left over ham after the holidays. (Or for...

French Lentils and Kale Soup

By Kim Biegacki
I've been on a quest to help my Aunt Linda with eating heathier foods and I...

v8 noodles

By Wallace Hale
this was a favorite of my uncle jack parkers whos passed on i remember from back...

Spicy Mushroom Soup

By Aleta Hepp
Low fat and Yummy! Not really all that spicy in my opinion but I like my...

Vegetables Galore-Basic Soup

By Beth M.
I found this recipe more than ten years ago in an issue of Good Housekeeping. ...

Chilled Zucchini Soup

By Pat Duran
This is a very refreshing summer soup, and very tasty. It doesn't take much time...
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