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No Guilt Chili (vegetarian)

No Guilt Chili (Vegetarian)

By Desiree Macy
My daughter has become a vegetarain which has me often cooking 2 meals in one night.So...
Chili  (bonnie's Fundraiser Chili)

CHILI (Bonnie's Fundraiser Chili)

By Bonnie .
Many years ago, I attended a fundraiser and they served this chili in little cups for...
Bea's Taco Soup


By Bea L.
My goodness this is good stuff! My sister introduced this to me & my family is...
Cheater Chili

Cheater Chili

By Jane Whittaker
You girls all have your fav chili recipe, this is mine. I call it cheater chili because...
Green Chili

Green Chili

By Cindi J
My family loves this recipe, because they can enjoy it like a soup or if I...
Crock Pot Green Chili

Crock Pot Green Chili

By Donata Natalino
Easy recipe for a crowd that everyone loves. You can eat it in a bowl or...
A Bowl Of Chili With A Dollop Of Sour Cream And Green Onion.

Buddy's Crock Pot Spooky White Chili

By Kayla Brunner
My husband and I make this for Halloween and we make hot buttery rolls to go...
White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili

By Jennifer Johnson
This is a great alternative to regular "red" chili in the fall and winter. It is...
Bobs Award Winning Bodacious White Chili

Bobs Award winning bodacious white chili

By Bob Wakeman
have made this for family. and chili cook offs. always a big hit. i did...
Male Chauvinist Chili

Male Chauvinist Chili

By Pam Ellingson
My Husband told me about this chili recipe before we were married. He said he had...
* Heather Marie's Crockpot Chili *

* Heather Marie's Crockpot Chili *

By Heather Isom
This chili is thick and hearty. I made this chili especially for my close friends in...
Jersey Girl Chili With Beans

Jersey Girl Chili with Beans

By Helene Mulvihill
I live in Texas, where folks take pride in their chili, but I'm from NJ and...
Tanya's Tex-mex Chili With Shredded Cheese, Fritos, Black Olives, And Sour Cream.

Tanya's Tex-Mex Chili

By Tanya Strayhorn
Easy and a family favorite!!!
Pcs Chili (slow Cooker) Aka Good Vegetarian Chili

PCS Chili (Slow Cooker) aka Good Vegetarian Chili

By Teresa Jacobson
I started making my chili the way my mom always made it. However, I discovered, wherever...
Nonnas Chili

Nonnas Chili

By Lisa Wilson
Made a large crock pot of my chili for a Church function and there was NONE...
Spicy Chicken Chili

Spicy Chicken Chili

By Lisa Wilson
This is a wonderful blend of flavors.
White Chili

White Chili

By Nicole Bredeweg
Awhile ago, we had a soup potluck at work (non-profits tend to EAT ALOT). One...
Min's Omg Chili!

Min's Omg Chili!

By Mindy Sena
I don't care for chili beans so I adapted my own recipe! I always get rave...
These Spicy Chili Beans Are A Monday Night Football Dinner Favorite!

Super Bowl Award Winning Chili Beans

By Joyce Newman
My personal recipe for spicy chili beans won a "Chili Cook Off" at a Super Bowl...
Gringo Green Posole

Gringo Green Posole for 2 (gluten-free)

By Karin Ellzey
I learned to make Posole married to a Puerto Rican while living in New Mexico. ...
Busy Day Chili With Beans

Busy Day Chili with Beans

By Nancy Andersen
I like to make this when I have had a busy day. It works well...
Mama Robin's Chili Cheese Dip

Mama Robin's Chile Cheese Dip

By Mama Robin
Great crowd pleaser for holidays, Superbowl or any large gathering. Easy to make and HARD...
Turkey Chili In The Crockpot

Spicy Turkey Chili

By Dawn Whitted
I love making chili. It's a go to meal for me. Over the years...
Turkey Chili In The Crockpot

My Chili

By Maria Espravnik
Reserve tomatoe juice. Soak dried beans, reserve water.

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