Beef Soup Recipes Sifted

Beef Barley Stew

Beef Barley Stew

By Jean Romero
This stew I make all the time, in the fall and winter time, so now is...
Mom's Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup

Mom's Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup

By Mary Kay Nugent
As with alot of hand me down recipes, things are not always measured exactly.I know ox...
A Great Comfort Dinner!

Beef Stew in your Crock Pot

By Pat Duran
What's better to come home to (besides your family) than dinner already to eat. Just make...
Beef & Bacon Great Northern's

Beef & Bacon great northern's

By Candi Hummer
These are full of flavor and serve more than one meal! Great northern's or pinto's work...
Slow Cooker Award Winning Chili

Slow Cooker Award Winning Chili

By Donna Graffagnino
One of the secret ingredients in this recipe is the beer, so don't leave it out....
Hearty Soup

Hearty Soup

By Kim Biegacki
I made this soup the other night in my Ninja Cooking System set on "slow cooker"...
Slow Cooker Beef Vegetable Soup

Slow cooker beef vegetable soup

By trish backman
This is an old recipe from my grandmother. I tweaked a few things as I was...
Slow Cooker Barley-beef Soup


By Ellen Bales
OMG--I have been wanting a barley-beef soup recipe that doesn't include mushrooms and this is it!...
All Day French Onion Soup


By Ellen Bales
I simply love a good French onion soup and I never make it at home. I...
Beef Stew Jeanne's Way

Beef Stew Jeanne's Way

By Jeanne Gliddon
My Mother used to make a good pot of stew but I have taken her recipe...
Taco Soup


By Eddie Jordan
When the weather is cold there is nothing like a big steaming bowl of TACO SOUP...
Fireman Bob's Scottish Stew My Way...

Fireman Bob's Scottish Stew my way...

By Bob Cooney
Hello Every body ! I am Happy to share a delicious and hearty meal for...
All Day Beef Barley Soup

All Day Beef Barley Soup

By E R
I know it isn't exactly "soup weather" right now but it will be and this soup...
Vegetable Beef Soup/stew, Slow Cooker

Vegetable Beef Soup/Stew, Slow Cooker

By Donna Graffagnino
I've been making this for years and find that the easiest way is in a slow...
Not My Photo, But It Is Close....  Sorry Dee !

Fireman Bob's Noodles and Short Ribs Soup my way..

By Bob Cooney
It's that time of year and I wanted some kind of hearty soup. What I came...
Steak & Shake Chili (copycat)

Steak & Shake Chili (copycat)

By Daily Inspiration S
I grew up eating at this Restaurant and this copycat recipe is pretty close to their...
Ready To Eat Soup

Beef Vegetable Soup

I was on a mission to make a beef soup today, OMG it turned out...
Terrific Taco Soup

Terrific Taco Soup

By Julie Merlich
This easy to make soup is great anytime and a real crowd pleaser. May also...

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