Bean Soup Recipes Slow Cooker Crock Pot

No Guilt Chili (vegetarian)

No Guilt Chili (Vegetarian)

By Desiree Macy
My daughter has become a vegetarain which has me often cooking 2 meals in one night.So...
Taco Soup With Hominy

Taco Soup with Hominy

By Leah Stacey
This taste soooo good! It is perfectly seasoned and a nice change of pace from the...
Bea's Taco Soup


By Bea L.
My goodness this is good stuff! My sister introduced this to me & my family is...
Tin Can Soup

Tin Can Soup

By Martha Robbins
I was looking thru one of my boxes of of recipes and found this folded sheet...
A Bowl Of Chili With A Dollop Of Sour Cream And Green Onion.

Buddy's Crock Pot Spooky White Chili

By Kayla Brunner
My husband and I make this for Halloween and we make hot buttery rolls to go...
Super Easy Kielbasa Bean Soup

Super Easy Kielbasa Bean Soup

By Jen Lobb
My dad got this recipe from a friend YEARS ago and it's a staple in my...
Italian Ravioli Stew

Italian Ravioli Stew

By Amanda Smith
This slow cooker stew is so easy to make, especially on busy days that I know...
Winter Bean Soup Mmmmmm.....good

Winter Bean Soup

By Melissa Fleetwood
I bought my second slow cooker today and I just had to try this recipe out!...
Warm Soup On A Chilly Day...can't Go Wrong!

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

By Martha Christian
Took this to a company potluck and it was a big hit especially on a cold...
Add Done And Ready To Chow Down!

Crock Pot Black-eyed Peas & Ham

By Judith Evans
Easy, very tasty and wonderful with cornbread! Feeds at least 8- 10 people and no one...
Simmered For An Hour On The Stove Instead Of Using My Crockpot This Time.  Forgot My Carrots But Added Diced Celery To The Mix.  Made A Double Batch (used A 7 Qt Pot) And Used Half Broth And Half V-8 Spicy.

Mexican Chicken Soup - Slow Cooker

By Hope Wasylenki
I love soup - here's one that is easy and ready for you when you walk...
Navy Bean And Ham Soup (in A Crock-pot)

Navy Bean And Ham Soup (in a crock-pot)

By Karla Everett
I just love this bean soup recipe , my mom taught me how to make this...
Crockpot White Beans And Ham

Crockpot White Beans and Ham

By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a great bean soup and a break from pinto beans which is almost a...
Crockpot Black Eyed Peas And Okra


By Jeanne Benavidez
I like to find ways to "kick up" the traditional black-eyed peas that we have on...
Crockpot Green Bean And Potato Soup


By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a soup that we usually had at Christmas. It was pretty much a staple...
Taco Soup (crockpot)

Taco Soup (Crockpot)

By Jeanne Benavidez
A friend of mine gave me this recipe a while back and I like it better...
My Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

By Laurie Ferns
I found a recipe for this soup made in a crockpot, but I changed things up...
Mexican Potato Soup

Mexican Potato Soup

By Anne Vest
A family favorite. If you like it more hot or less spicy adjust your hot sauce...
Just A Pretty Shot I Got Today. There's A Little Parmesan On It, But That's Totally On A Whim.

Kat's Minestrone

By Kathryn Mason
For Vegetarian and Vegan versions use vegetable stock and wheat noodles or check the ingredients on...
Old Fashioned Brown Butter Beans

Old Fashioned Brown Butter Beans

By Elaine Bovender
I have always loved brown butter beans. Years ago, when we lived in Michigan, the...
Bean & Pea Slow Cooker Soup

Bean & Pea Slow Cooker Soup

By Donna Graffagnino
Also sometimes called Pantry or Cupboard Soup, this amazing, hearty crock pot dish can't get any...
Restaurant Style Charro Beans

Restaurant Style Charro Beans

By Cynthia Holbert
These Charro Beans taste exactly like what you would be given at my favorite mexican restaurant!...
Beef & Bacon Great Northern's

Beef & Bacon great northern's

By Candi Hummer
These are full of flavor and serve more than one meal! Great northern's or pinto's work...
A Bowl Of Bean & Bacon Soup With Cornbread Waffles And Crumbled Bacon On Top.

Bean & Bacon Soup With Cornbread Waffles

By Sheri Zarnick
I make this especially in sub-zero temperatures. It warms my family. After cooking a ham, I...

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