puppy chow

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By janet kaskie
from Lubbock, TX

This is a great treat for moms to bring to school parties. It is always a hit! (For halloween I've filled food-grade celophane gloves with this, added gummy worms and a sucker for a "wrist bone" / for xmas package in snack size ziplocks,add pepperment chips and lable raindeer chow) Packaged in snack ziplocks, it gets sold out at runraising bake sales too ! Plus its healthy and you can recrute the kids to help prepare!

serves Tons/varies
prep time 2 Hr
method No-Cook or Other


  •   1 part
    mixed boxed breakfast cereal (not flakes or grains)
  •   1 part
    popcorn, popped
  •   1/3 part
    mini pretzles
  •   to taste
    assorted small candies (like m&ms etc)
  •   to coat
    powdered sugar (or for chocolate 3/4 part powdered sugar 1/4 part coco powder
  •   to taste
    nuts (optional)
  •   to taste
    dried fruit (optional)

How To Make

  • 1
    choose cereal that is in pieces (ex: cherrios, chex,capt. crunch) NOT flakes or rice crispie type. great use of "bottom of the box")
  • 2
    In a large bowl mix all ingredents (except powered sugar/coco)
  • 3
    coat with powdered sugar/coco.
  • 4
    package as desired.