For Kids Nut Snack Recipes

Ghost Guts

By Ashley Dawkins
Who doesn't like salty and sweet!?

Gorp aka Trail Mix aka Monkey Food

By Gary Hancq
This will disappear fast if you don't padlock it up quick. Even large Baboons like it.

White Trash

By Kimi Gaines
My sister received this in a Christmas gift basket last year and brought it to my...

White Chocolate Party Mix

By Amber Franks
This recipe is perfect for sharing!! The recipe makes a lot & there's never any left...


By Eddie Jordan
Here is a great breakfast when your in a hurry. You can eat it when you...

Salted Peanut Chews

By Doreen Fish
I was at a show today with my soap....a lot of different vendors as this was...

Stuff... That Fat... Unicorn-horn !

By Colleen Sowa
This is a fun recipe that I made up recently. I dedicate this recipe to...

Sweet N Salty Caramel Snack Mix

By D Hunt
Be prepared, if you are going to make this mix. It is quite addictive! ...

PEGGI'S PUPPY CHOW (for humans)

By Peggi Anne Tebben
About 6 years ago I looked on the internet for a recipe for this because I...

Homemade Almond Butter

By Donna Thiemann
This recipe came from Rebecca Wood from her web site I adore almond butter and the...

Nutty Pickles

By Kim Biegacki
Calling all pickle lovers!!!! Calling all pickle lovers!!!! One thing that I eat everyday is dill...

Apricot-Gorgonzola Crescent Appetizers - WW value:5 pts

By Kim Biegacki
I was looking for a recipe that used apricots and found this one. I really...

Sugar and Spice Nuts

I like to eat this nuts at footballs games or when we watch a night time...

Sweet 'n' Spicy Halloween Munch

By tiffani ross
This is usually a big hit at the kids halloween party.

Granola with Blessings, from a dear friend

By Beth M.
Making this is so worth while, it is easy to make, tastes super, and makes a...

Honey Glazed Snack Mix

Christmas is comin the the tummy getting fat, I like this snack.. But it going to...

Darlene's Joy of Almonds Coconut Sundae

By Darlene Lopez
Super Yummy! This is the easiest most affordable, to die for sundaes! Family and friends will...

Tastiest Granola

By Kristin LaFlamme
I always have some of this on hand to satisfy my hungry kids and hubby.

Cinnamon Spiced Nuts

By Teresa Jacobson
I love these at Christmas but they freeze really well so I use them all year...

Cracker Jacks Gone Wild!

By Sue Adame
This is our movie night favorite! I admit I tend to overindulge, but cannot help myself....

Puppy Chow

By Shelly Stone Douglas
Travels well. Great snack anytime of the year!

Delicious,Quick & Easy Peanut Clusters

By Lynda Sweezey
Only 2 ingredients and really east to make. Yummy.

Lunch Box Inspirations By Freda

Noting that School will soon be starting around the Country, I thought Of a List of...
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