#Snack Recipes

Maple Walnut Ice Cream Recipe

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

By Francine Lizotte
A great combination of flavors with a nice crunch to it makes this ice cream irresistible!...
No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe

No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By Francine Lizotte
Light, creamy and incredibly delicious, this No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is definitely a keeper!...
Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt Recipe

Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt

By Francine Lizotte
This frozen treat has a delicious chocolate flavor with a hint of tangy zip from the...
Energy Berry Bites Recipe

Energy Berry Bites

By Francine Lizotte
Who doesn't need a little "boost" of energy in the middle of the afternoon? This snack...
Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Recipe

Cream Cheese Carrot Cake

By Francine Lizotte
Easy and extremely moist carrot cake recipe with a lovely cream cheese frosting, this is the...
Lemon Raspberry Muffins Recipe

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

By Francine Lizotte
This muffin recipe is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! It's a beautiful combination of...
Mango Sorbet Recipe

Mango Sorbet

By Francine Lizotte
This Mango Sorbet is beautifully balanced; not too sweet and not too tart. Served it as...
Sesame Snaps Recipe

Sesame Snaps

By Francine Lizotte
These sweet little treats are light and tasty with a satisfying crunch! They are virtually identical...
Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookies

By Francine Lizotte
These cookies are easy to make with wonderful flavor! The combination of butter and pecan makes...
Croque-monsieur Montréal Style Recipe

Croque-monsieur Montréal Style

By Francine Lizotte
Creamy, cheesy and smoky, this sandwich is unbelievably delicious! It is quick & easy to...
Blood Orange Ice Cream Recipe

Blood Orange Ice Cream

By Francine Lizotte
This incredibly velvety Blood Orange Ice Cream is so flavorful! The taste of this blood orange...
Six Layer Chip Dip Recipe

Six Layer Chip Dip

By Francine Lizotte
This appetizer will score a touchdown at your Super Bowl party or any other occasion! You'll...