#Smoker Recipes

Smokr's Beef Tri-Tip

By Raphe Reeves
Purchased beef from Tag'z 5 Star Meats in Murfreesboro, TN. A great selection and great...

Smokr's Slow Smoked Pork Spare Ribs

By Raphe Reeves
Purchased pork from "Tag'z 5 Star Meats" in Murfreesboro, TN. A great selection and great...

My Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey (smoked)

By georgi johnson
This is the only way I do turkey for Thanksgiving been using this recipe for at...

The Best Beef Brisket you will EVER Eat

By Andy Anderson !
Let me ask you a few questions: Do you like beef brisket? Do you...

Hickory Smoked Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Loin

By Staci Cakes
This is my go-to recipe to "wow" my guests. READ THE ENTIRE RECIPE BEFORE YOU BEGIN You can...

Chuck Roast in the Smoker with a Secret Step

By Andy Anderson !
Okay, I can’t seem to get away from the smoker. But the weather is changing… it’s...

Smoked Meatloaf - AMAZING!

By Dannell M
It's ridiculously delicious! The best meatloaf you will ever have in your life!!! I'm not even...

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon in the Smoker

By Andy Anderson !
I love scalloped potatoes… What’s not to love about potatoes and cheese? And with the addition...


By Jo Zimny
This is my first smoker for my gas grill. I have never used one in...

Lake Charles Andouille Sausage

By steven sellards
This recipe came from the Lake Charles region of Cajun land. Is straight orward and highly...

Smoked Cuban (Cubano) Pork

By Andy Anderson !
You can’t have a really good Cubano sandwich without a good slow-smoked pork butt. Nothin’ like...

Smoker Essentials: Bacon-Wrapped Chuck Roast

By Andy Anderson !
I love working with chuck roasts, they take a long, slow time to cook, but when...

Yummy Honey Mustard Chicken in the Smoker

By Andy Anderson !
With the temperature getting into the sixties and seventies, I decided to break out one of...

Smoked Bone-in Pork Shoulder with a Twist

By Andy Anderson !
I love smoking, and I know that a lot of you on JAP do too. I’m...

#1 BBQ Sauce

By Dave T.
This is a thin Carolina type sauce, it does not need refrigerated, even after opening. It's...

Smoked Turkey

By Rhonda Hubble
I must say that this was our first time trying to smoke a turkey and we...

Doc's Butt Rub

By Dave T.
This is a great dry rub for brisket, don't put too much on and over power...

Pam's Smoked Beef Jerky

By Pamela Rappaport
My grandson is ADDICTED to jerky so I set out to make some in my smoker....

Pam's Smoked Orange Beef Jerky

By Pamela Rappaport
I wanted a jerky with a totally different taste. This also is much less salty than...

Guide for Smoker Wood

By Dave T.
A little knowledge goes a long way when selecting hardwoods for meat smoking. First off, there...

Pam's Smoked NY Strip Loin Roast

By Pamela Rappaport
If you want a tender, juicy, lightly smoked piece of roast beef, give this a try....
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