#Smoked Recipes

Dried Venison Or Smoked Pork Butts Or Loin Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
We got this recipe from a friend of my husband's that had a meat processing plant...
Dad's Smoked Fish (blue Back)(salmon) Recipe

Dad's smoked fish (Blue Back)(Salmon)

By deb baldwin
This is my Dad's (L McDonald) recipe. He makes the best smoked fish.He is now 84...
Timmy's Texas Spicy Beef Brisket Recipe

Timmy's Texas Spicy Beef Brisket

By Sherri Williams
My baby brother Timothy "Timmy" Logan is an excellent cook. I'm the only one in...
Smokin' Baby Got Back Ribs! Recipe

Smokin' Baby Got Back Ribs!

By Sherri Williams
"PORK" enough said! Enjoy these tasty ribs with some potato salad, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, grilled...
Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders Recipe

Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders

By Scott Anderson
You need to get a pork butt or shoulder and rub it down with your favorite...
Sausage, Onion And Pepper Fajita Sandwich Recipe

Sausage, Onion and Pepper Fajita Sandwich

By Monica H
Mixing of smoked sausage with a fajita recipe ended up being a great last-minute dinner idea.......
Smoked Chicken Thighs Recipe

Smoked Chicken Thighs

By Jo Zimny
I bought a small metal smoker for my Weber gas grill from Wm. Sonoma and I...
Leftover Smoked Bbq Ribeye Steak Sammich Recipe

Leftover Smoked BBQ Ribeye Steak Sammich

By Sherri Williams
Here is a quick and easy meal to throw together with your leftover meats. I...
Cedar Plank Smoked Wild Salmon Recipe

Cedar Plank Smoked Wild Salmon

By Raphe Reeves
The sweet & spicy dry rub on this fish is amazingly good. Give it a...
Smoked Sausage And Potatoes Recipe

Smoked Sausage and Potatoes

By Donna Brown
This is a delicious meal to prepare in the slow cooker or crockpot, that is a...
Smoked Salmon Recipe

Smoked Salmon

By Esther Hardman
A lady at work, who owns a boat and fishes for salmon every week-end, caught a...
Potato Potluck Dish Recipe

Potato Potluck Dish

By Katie Kleffman
I've had many requests for this recipe.
Split Pea Soup Recipe

Split Pea Soup

By Sheila Devor
Grandma Joy's recipe for Goodness! Absolutely delicious!
Pennsylvania Dutch Sausage And Potato Soup Recipe

Pennsylvania Dutch Sausage and Potato Soup

By Lisa MacDonald
I've tweaked this recipe I found in an herb magazine I once subscribed to. Since...
Bodacious Bbq Turkey Recipe

Bodacious BBQ Turkey

By Dee Stillwell
About 8 years ago, when injecting meats became popular, I made my turkey this way for...
Bacon The Favorite Breakfast Meat Recipe

BACON The Favorite Breakfast Meat

By Beth M.
Whenever my grandchildren are here for breakfast, I make sure I've got BACON to serve. Bacon and...
Tortellini With Edamame And Smoked Sausage Recipe

Tortellini with Edamame and Smoked Sausage

By Hope Vaillancourt
I found this recipe when I was "googling" some budget friendly family meals because we were...
Northwest Smoked Salmon And Clam Chowder Recipe

Northwest Smoked Salmon and Clam Chowder

By Jodi Unruh Zartman
This wild smoked salmon and clam chowder combo is a real winner. Get ready for...
Smoked Salmon Spread Recipe

Smoked Salmon Spread

By Zelda Hopkins
I love Smoked Salmon, I can eat it with out anything. But once you make this...
Cream Cheese 'n Chive Smoked Oysters Recipe

Cream Cheese 'n Chive Smoked Oysters

By Kelly Williams
One of my favorite ways to enjoy smoked oysters! A very simple but very delicious easy-peasy...
Seductive And Sultry Northern Chili Recipe

Seductive and Sultry Northern Chili

By Monica H
Don't omit the cocoa; it really makes a difference and gives the chili a "mole" feel....
Hawaiian Kalua Turkey Recipe

Hawaiian Kalua Turkey

By Lynda Hayes
Aloha! My husband got this recipe when he lived in Hawaii. It started with Kalua Pig...
Slow-cooker Beans And Smoked Sausage Recipe

Slow-Cooker Beans and Smoked Sausage

By kristin bloebaum
I adapted this recipe from Southern Living. I serve it with Zatarain's Yellow Rice, fixed...