#Slush Recipes

Strawberry Lime Slush Recipe

Strawberry Lime Slush

By Ashley Lemon
If you love tangy and sweet strawberries this is for you! This is an adult strawberry...
Brandy Slush Recipe

Brandy Slush

By Deb Crane
Nothing beats cooling off with a Brandy Slush! Cool and refreshing! Tropical slushy delight! Umbrellas and garnishes...
Lemon Slush With Orange Zest Refresher (hcg Ok!) Recipe

Lemon Slush with Orange Zest Refresher (HCG ok!)

By Misty Hefner
I love Lemonade! I'm on the HCG diet and was missing it. This recipe does the...
Yaya Refreshing Recipe

YaYa refreshing

By Jacque Massey
This is like an Arnold Palmer YaYa style...
Pomegranate And Chocolate Peach Protein Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Pomegranate and Chocolate Peach Protein Breakfast Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
Super refreshing breakfast drink that is so quick and satisfying. If you cannot find the...
Razzy Lemon Smoothie Recipe

Razzy Lemon Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
This drink is thick and satisfying. The strong raspberry taste along with the sweetness of...
Mango'ana Peach Cardamom Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Mango'ana Peach Cardamom Breakfast Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
I had been looking at some shakes and drinks that called for Mango and Cardamom spice...
Stiff Orange Dreamsicle Slushy Recipe

Stiff Orange Dreamsicle Slushy

By Kelly Williams
Nice easy drink for parties! Creamy orange flavor that reminds me of an orange dreamsicle popsicle...
Cran' Razzy Smoothie Recipe

Cran' Razzy Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
This is a wonderful drink for any time! The slight tartness from the Cranberry Juice...
Orange Slush Recipe

Orange Slush

By Katrina Freed
Another very popular frozen drink from the 70's. Keep a batch in your freezer and pull...
Bourbon Slush Recipe

Bourbon Slush

By Patti Petty
A great mild burbon-flavored beverage to sip on summer evenings--or any other time! Easy, easy, easy.
Meave's Yule Punch Recipe

Meave's Yule Punch

By Amy Herald
This punch is so yummy. I make it every Christmas. You can also make this a...
Vodka Oj Slushy Recipe

Vodka OJ Slushy

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
My Girlfriend use to make this for every home party we had. Its so refreshing, You...
Bet's Bourbon Slush Recipe

Bet's Bourbon Slush

By Betty R
This is not just for women like a lot of the mixed drinks, even the men...
Summer Time Slush (for Adults) Recipe

Summer Time Slush (For Adults)

By Family Favorites
Great for parties and BBQ's, this refreshing slush will be enjoyed by all of your guests....
Pina Colada Slush Recipe

Pina Colada Slush

By Family Favorites
If you're having a cook-out or a party this summer, greet your guests with a tall,...
Refreshing Strawberry Slush Cocktail Recipe

Refreshing Strawberry Slush Cocktail

By Family Favorites
If you are having a picnic, pool party, family reunion or BBQ this summer, this is...