#Slow Recipes

Chicken And Stout Stew Recipe

Chicken and Stout Stew

By Marie Everson
This is great! The hardest part was browning the chicken thighs. Well worth the effort! I found...

Pulled Zesty Bbq Chicken Sandwiches Recipe

Pulled Zesty BBQ Chicken sandwiches

By S S
This no hassle recipe is delicious and family approved! Use your crock pot to prepare this...

Crock Pot Hot German Potato Salad Recipe

Crock Pot Hot German Potato Salad

By Kathy Embry
My hometown of Evansville, IN is rich in German heritage! You will find many great, great,...

Buffet Meatballs Recipe

Buffet Meatballs

By Lindsey Mahan
I make these for parties all of the time and everyone loves them! They are so...

Firefly Summertime Chili Recipe

Firefly Summertime Chili

By Annakate Tefft
The corn kernels look like shimmering fireflies amidst the dark beans and tomato-based broth. Serve this...

Espresso And Beer Pulled Pork Recipe

Espresso and Beer Pulled Pork

By Megan Wood
I truly have a love affair with my slow cooker. I prepare everything the night before,...