#Slow Recipes

Firefly Summertime Chili Recipe

Firefly Summertime Chili

By Annakate Tefft
The corn kernels look like shimmering fireflies amidst the dark beans and tomato-based broth. Serve this...

Crock Pot Ranch Chicken Recipe

Crock Pot Ranch Chicken

By Sarah Wheeler
This was literally a throw together meal, I couldn't think of anything else to make and...

Espresso And Beer Pulled Pork Recipe

Espresso and Beer Pulled Pork

By Megan Wood
I truly have a love affair with my slow cooker. I prepare everything the night before,...

Italian Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Italian Slow Cooker Chicken

By Sea Sun
Another freezer cooking success! I had it prepped and ready to place in the crockpot....

Chicken Naranja Recipe

Chicken Naranja

By Sea Sun
When I first started freezer cooking or Once A Month Cooking, this is one of the...