#Slice Recipes

Ice Box Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Ice Box Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies

By Linda McCormick
Having searched for the best peanut butter cookie this recipe was my creation. You can...
The Junkyard Pizza (crust In Bread Machine) Recipe

"The Junkyard" Pizza (crust in bread machine)

By Barbara Oseland
I have been trying to do homemade pizza once a week as a treat. Going...
Dave's Italian Sausage Soup Recipe

Dave's Italian Sausage Soup

By Jackie Tintle
If it gets too thick just add more water. Some like this thick and hearty!...
Fudge Orange Coffee Cake. Recipe

Fudge orange coffee cake.

By maria maxey
Dear old friend and i did this fudge crazy cake years ago.Now has a twist.NOW...
Pumpkin, Orange-date Nut Cookies Recipe

Pumpkin, Orange-Date Nut Cookies

By Sena Wilson
I wanted to make use of the leftover canned pumpkin and cream cheese that I had...
Slice & Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Slice & Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Connie Avance
My boyfriend had a rat terrier named Petey and everytime I would make these cookies and...
Neapolitan Marshmallow Slice Recipe

Neapolitan Marshmallow Slice

By Charlene Deam
I have adapted this from another recipe that had a plain base as I really like...
Easiest To Slice Meatloaf Recipe

Easiest To Slice Meatloaf

By Chris Shunkwiler
This recipe was one of my mother's first real recipes when she was married in 1952....
Salt Cod Brass- Style Recipe

Salt cod brass- style

By maria maxey
Inspired by my mother.another holiday dish or just great leftover dish.IN our big family 14 there...