Rice Side Recipes American

Cheddar Cheese Risotto Recipe

Cheddar Cheese Risotto

By Melanie Young
Takes some time, but worth it. This dish will serve 2 if used as main dish....
Apple Almond Rice Recipe

Apple Almond Rice

By Kat Ryan
An easy side dish that goes with anything and will fill stomachs on a cold winter...
Chicken Herbed Rice Recipe

Chicken Herbed Rice

By Sharry Murawski
This is better than Rice-a-Roni! I like to use brown rice...it gives it a nuttier,...
Wild Rice Casserole Recipe

Wild Rice Casserole

By Marcia Wilson
I made this casserole for the holidays when my girls were young and, loved it. ...
Rice Salad With A Citrus Vinaigrette Recipe

Rice Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette

By Kelly Phillips
This is an incredible salad to serve with grilled Tilapia on a hot summer day or...
Spinach Feta Rice Low Fat Recipe

Spinach Feta Rice "low fat"

By Wendy Rusch
I can't remember for the life of me where I got this recipe from...but it is...
Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe

Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffing

By Wendy Rusch
I love cranberries, I love wild rice, I love mushrooms...so why not combine them in stuffing???...
Lemon Pepper Rice And Vegetables Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
Add a little zing to your next batch of rice. This might become a family favorite
Mom's Cabbage Rolls A Different Way Recipe

Mom's Cabbage Rolls a Different Way

By Dee Stillwell
This cabbage roll is made differently & contains no tomatoes. My Mom had a few...
Frozen Rice?? Yep Very Cost Effective Recipe

Frozen Rice?? Yep Very Cost Effective

By Donna Thiemann
Want a fast side dish and love rice?? You gotta try this.. Frugal to the maxx! My...
Chicken Wild Rice Hot Dish Recipe

Chicken Wild Rice Hot Dish

By Wendy Rusch
mmmmmmm it's one of those comfort foods! Just me throwing things together! Started with my homemade cream of...
Momma's Holiday Rice Recipe

Momma's Holiday Rice

By Gwen Mills
This was my mom's recipe that she always fixed for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter dinner. I...
Layered Broccoli-rice Casserole...(no Canned Soup) Recipe

Layered Broccoli-Rice Casserole...(No Canned Soup)

By Betty Graves
I am not a big fan of cooking with soup in a can, so I searched...
My Mom's Chicken Or Hamburger Fried Rice Recipe

My Mom's Chicken or Hamburger Fried Rice

By Karla Everett
This is one of my favorite rice dishes that my Mom use to make , I...
Fairy Godmother Rice Recipe

Fairy Godmother Rice

By Deb Crane
I found this recipe online. The author is Ryan Schwartz. He says the name of this...
Orzo And Rice Pilaf--bonnie's Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^ .
This is a colorful rice dish with lots of flavor. You can add zucchini or yellow...
Green Onion Rice Recipe

Green Onion Rice

By Brandi Kirkpatrick
Another one of my recipes to give me that "rice-a-roni" flavor without the sodium trauma. Tried...
Spiced Rice Recipe

spiced rice

By joeyjoan K
I was looking for flavor one night I came up with this.Yum Yum Yum
Joe’s Favorite Garlicky Rice~ Recipe

Joe’s Favorite Garlicky Rice~

By Nicole Khairullah
Our 11 year old is such a picky eater we have a hard time finding anything...
Broccoli Casserole Recipe

Broccoli Casserole

By Millie P. York
This is a family favorite in my house for all major holiday gatherings! It's also great...
Broccoli And Rice Casserole Recipe


By Rose Dailey
This is my version because I like spicy :-) My online cookbook: http://tx-cherokee.tripod.com/index.html
Beef Rolls With Veggies And Rice Recipe

Beef Rolls with veggies and rice

By Lynn Socko
LOVE the paper thin sirloin I get at Walmart, can use it in so many different...
Long Grain And Wild Rice With Veggies Recipe

Long grain and wild rice with veggies

By Lynn Socko
This is a delicious and healthy side dish.