#Shots Recipes

Kamikaze Jello Shots

Kamikaze Jello Shots

By Lynn Arocho
A friend of mine started making these years ago along with "regular" Jello shots, these were...
Watermelon Lime Jello Shots

Watermelon Lime Jello shots

By Kelly McLaughlin
I love throwing parties and these are a huge hit no messy plastic cups for the...
Jello Shots-i Put More Than Usual In My Cups, Otherwise, It Would Have Made 8.


By Susan Cutler
How fun! Even for an adult Halloween Party! Be creative!
Red Bull And Vodka Shots

Vodka & Redbull Jello Shots

By Eileen Davies
Saw this on fb and thought I would add it to my file
Photo By: Allrecipes.com

Red, White and Blue Strawberry "Shots"

By Family Favorites
Need a quick and easy item to bring to your summer get-together, picnic or BBQ? These...
Caramel Apple Shot

Caramel Apple Shot

By Amy Herald
Its like liquid candy
Tailgate Ready!

Fireball Whiskey Jello Shots

By Renie Larson
Love Fireball Whiskey and wanted an easy shot recipe.