#Shepherds Pie Recipes

Chili Cheese Shepherds Pie

Chili Cheese Shepherds Pie

By cindy sandberg
This is the recipe that I created for the Hungry Jack Use Up the Box recipe...
Hearty Comfort Food

Shepherd's Pie

By TJ Jones
Shepherd's Pie. A British Favorite
Meaty Shepherd's Pie

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

By Be Randy
My boyfriend teased me because I thought about making this for a year before I actually...
Savory Shepherd's Pie

Savory Shepherd's Pie

By Brad Nichols
A classic comfort food at our house, it seemed fitting to get this recipe captured given...
So Yummy

Awesome International Shepherd’s Pies

By Andy Anderson !
This is a French take, on a Scottish dish, by an American Chef… Confused yet? The...
Shepherds Pie - Quick And Easy

SHEPHERDS PIE - Quick and Easy

By Ruthann Cook
This is my twist on a recipe I found from Taste of Home. I have added...
Spread Dough Along The Bottom And Sides Of The Baking Dish

Not so "Shepherds Pie"-Gluten Free Style

By Tammy Bovender
I love Shepherds Pie but I have picky eaters in my home so I have mixed...