#Shell Recipes

Chocolate Tart Shell

Chocolate Tart Shell

By Sharon Canfield
I made a Key Lime Pie/Tart and wasn't happy with the usual graham cracker crust. ...
Three Cheese Stuffed Shells (meatless)

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells (Meatless)

By Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero
I got this recipe from my Italian girl-friend from work. This was actually the first time...
Shoney's Strawberry Pie

Shoney's Strawberry Pie

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves Shoney's Strawberry Pie when we used to go to Shoney's and we ordered...
Lisa's Sweet Potato Pie

Lisa's Sweet Potato Pie

By Lisa Johnson
My family and friends loves my pie and I make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and...
Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie

Nestle "Toll House" Chocolate Chip Pie

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves it and I make them for our home and we have desserts after...
Steak Um And Cheese Roll

Easy Cheesey Steak um Roll

By Marie Gunkel
I tried the Steak um and the white Velveeta cheese. Then decided it may taste great...
John's Clams Casino

John's Clams Casino

By Lauren Conforti
My husband John made this recipe. After not finding just what he wanted on the...
Better Than Klondike Bar In A Bowl

Magic Shell Ice cream topping (Klondike in a bowl)

By evelyn horsley
Oh what would you dooo, for a Klondike bar?? We call this Klondike bar in...
Eggnog Pie

EggNog Pie

By Maggie May Schill
It is a holiday Custard pie!!! :-D I make it with my own eggnog recipe, I highly...
Cheddar Macaroni Salad W/peas

Cheddar Macaroni Salad w/peas

By Mary Lee
Great for large get-together. Colorful and tasty
This Is A Made Pie.  I Will Try To Remember To Take A Pic Of Just The Shell Next Time.

Plain Pastry Pie Shell

By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
This is my mother's recipe. It may be similar to others but this is the...
Internet Picture -- Similar Recipe

Pie Crust (old recipe)

By Marcia McCance
My Mom was an excellent pie baker and this was found in her recipes by my...
Have You Ever Tried Making Your Own Tomato Sauce? It's Easier Than You Think And A Real Crowd Pleaser!

Shell Pasta in Homemade Tomato Sauce

By Olivia Russell
Don't be discouraged if your sauce comes out a little orange. It really does depend on...
Crispy Beef & Bean Tacos

Crispy Beef & Bean Tacos

By Amy Herald
I love making different kinds of tacos. These are super yummy!
Ham And Cheese Pot Pie

Ham and Cheese Pot Pie

By Amy Herald
I bought a crazy amount of boneless ham for the freezer recently because the sale was...